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The Newbie's Guide to Fannish LiveJournal

Ignorance of the law is an excuse--once.

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A reference tool for those who are new (and maybe not-so-new, too) to LiveJournal as a forum for fannish interaction.

If you would like to volunteer, you can find a list of available fandoms and subjects here.

Please be nice to the contributors, because they're doing this for free. If you aren't nice, you'll get banned. :)

If you know of a community that is not listed in an overview, please feel free to comment and let the overviewer know. Please be aware, however, that this is *not* the place for advertising your new community that has only five members and one post. Overviewers use their discretion in choosing which communities to include, and are not obligated to add small, dead communities to their posts.

If you have questions about a term you don't understand, try our sister community theglossary.

This is not the place for community announcements. Try community_promo.

Affiliated with smallfandomfest.

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