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Master List of Topics and Fandoms

The following fandoms and topics have overviews. If you do not see your pet fandom/topic listed here, and are interested in doing an overview, by all means please comment and tell me!

If you are interested in doing an overview, please comment to claim your fandom/topics, then join the community. I cannot give you posting access if you do not belong to the community. :(


  • If you've signed up for a fandom overview, you need to join the community so I can give you posting access. Watching the community isn't enough--you have to join.

  • The main goal of these fandom overviews is to collect links to places on LJ that might be of interest to fans, to create a bouncing off point. How much other information you include is up to you. Feel free to check out other overviews for ideas on how to organize and format yours!

  • Please use this format for your overview subject line: Fandom: [Fandom Name]. This is for ease of reference. All overviews will be tagged and added to the Master List by the mod after they are posted.

  • You have six months to post your overview, which I think is more than enough time to get it done. I will list the date you claimed your fandom in the sign-up post, and once six months has passed with no overview posted, it will be given away to the first person who comes along and claims it.

  • We expect you to update your overview to add new communites/delete dead ones on a fairly regular basis. Please put the date last updated at the bottom of your post, both for your reference and mine. Overviews that have not been updated within a 12 month period will be assumed abandoned and offered up for grabs to the first taker.

  • Please post your overview here in the community rather than linking to it in your own journal. I'm not trying to make it harder for you, honest. I just want the info here in the comm in case you delete your journal (oh, like you haven't thought of flouncing off in a hissyfit at least once *g*).

  • It is up to you whether to include RPG, badfic, and real person communities in your overview. Personal preference of the overviewer reigns.

  • Please feel free to comment in this post with any questions or suggestions you have.

I normally update this post and grant posting access when I have enough requests to do them in a batch. If I don't get back to you right away, don't worry, I will!

Surrendered Fandoms:
These fandoms already have overviews but have been given up by their overviewers, so some of the work has already been done for you!

Battlestar Galactica
Good Omens
Harry Potter
Homicide: LotS
Lord of the Rings
Marvel comics & movies
The Prophecy
Sleepy Hollow

Fandom Overviews
Alexander the Great by drbillbongo
Alias xanateria
Angel the Series by sweptawaybayou
Avatar: the Last Airbender by dharmavati
Bandom by wistfuljane
Battlestar Galatica by jengrrrl (surrendered, up for grabs)
Blakes 7 by vilakins
Blood + by poisonangel7
Blood Ties by spikedluv
Bones by lizabethweir
Boondock Saints by unperfectwolf
Brokeback Mountain by spikedluv
Buffy the Vampire Slayer by yourlibrarian
CSI pluvial_poetry
Castle by december21st
Community by ceridweyn_lin (24 August 2010)
Criminal Minds by sperrywink
DC Comics (includes movies/cartoons/Vertigo/Wildstorm) by brown_betty
Dante's Cove by spikedluv
Dark Angel by shopfront
Dead Like Me by trascendenza
Doctor Who by spiralsheep
Dresden Files by soophelia
Drive by sanguinepen
due South spikedluv
ER by frack412
Eroica sookail
Eureka by christinchen
The Fast & the Furious by wistfuljane
Final Fantasy by heyheyrenay
Firefly by inalasahl
Fringe by muses_mistress
Glee by ipickquinn (24 August 2010)
Good Omens by nike_victory (surrendered, up for grabs)
Grey's Anatomy by shopfront
Hairspray by trascendenza
Harry Potter by penknife (surrendered, up for grabs)
Haven by la_vie_chanson (24 August 2010)
Hawaii Five-O by the_other_sandy
Hercules by elke_tanzer (surrendered, up for grabs)
Heroes by scribewraith (up for grabs)
Homicide: LotS smashsc (assumed surrendered, up for grabs)
Horatio Hornblower by nolivingman
House by angelwen99
How I Met Your Mother by bananacosmic
Inception by ipickquinn (24 August 2010)
Jeeves & Wooster by jenavira
Jericho by sunryse00
King Arthur/Arthurian legends by yueni
Kyou Kara Maou by poisonangel7
Legend of the Seeker by wildalyss
Leverage by spikedluv
Life on Mars UK by general_jinjur
Life Unexpected by alwaysparis
Live Free or Die Hard by spikedluv
Lord of the Rings by spock74 (surrendered, up for grabs)
Lost by cmere
The Magnificient Seven spikedluv
Man From U.N.C.L.E. by st_crispins
Marvel comics & movies by devildoll (surrendered, up for grabs)
Master & Commander by nolivingman
The Mentalist by ebonyfeather
Merlin by shopfront
Moonlight angelus2hot (24 August 2010)
Mutant X by firstmutant
NCIS by spikedluv
Narnia (surrendered, up for grabs)
Numb3rs by spikedluv
Ocean's 11/12 by musesfool
One Piece by justira
Oz by foxxcub
Pirates of the Caribbean by fabu
Popslash by wistfuljane
Pride & Prejudice by imacartwright
Primeval by cordeliadelayne
Prison Break by sunryse00
The Professionals by mab_browne
The Prophecy by hannahrorlove (surrendered, up for grabs)
Psych by hermitsoul
Queer as Folks pluvial_poetry
Rare books by norah
Riptide by tinx_r
Robin Hood 2006 by spikedluv
Roswell by aliaspiral
Saiyuki by permetaform
Sarah Jane Adventures by spiralsheep
The Sentinel by spikedluv
A Series of Unfortunate Events by emcharlotte
Shark by shopfront
Sherlock Holmes by prof_pangaea
Sleepy Hollow by hannahrorlove (surrendered, up for grabs)
Smallville by svmadelyn
Sports Night by hermitsoul
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by rae_fa
Star Trek: Enterprise by rae_fa
Star Trek movieverse by rae_fa (27 May 2010)
Star Trek: Original Series by elke_tanzer
Star Trek: The Next Generation by rae_fa
Star Trek: Voyager by rae_fa
Stargate: Atlantis by spikedluv
Stargate SG-1 by galaxynumber5
Supernatural scribewraith (taken over by amaresu 24 August 2010)
Tin Man by spikedluv
Torchwood by otoselkie
True Blood by abalonedreams15
Twilight series by whomever
Veronica Mars by ancientsavvy
Weiß Kreuz by penelope_z
The West Wing by raedbard
White Collar by mercilynn (27 May 2010)
World Wrestling Entertainment by shy_bunny
The X-Files by melannen
Young Dracula by ssquirrel_fic
Xena by elke_tanzer (surrendered, up for grabs)
Yu-Gi-Oh by rhodanum (27 May 2010)

Other Fannish Topics
Basic Do/Don't Post by devildoll
Fans & Characters of Color/Anti-Racism Resources by zvi_likes_tv
How to post your fanfiction on LJ by brown_betty
Multi-Fannish Meta by cathexys
Podfic by general_jinjur
Vidding by permetaform
Writing & Writer Resources by mass_hipgnosis

Note: If you volunteer for an overview, you need to join the community so I can give you posting access. That's "join," not just "watch."

I will give you posting access when I reply to your comment and let you know to go ahead with your overview. If you are not a member of the community at that time, I can't give you access. /o\
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