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Fandom: Master and Commander

The Master and Commander fandom consists of fans of the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and the Aubrey/Maturin books by Patrick O'Brian, on which the movie was based. Most communities were created at movie/DVD release time, but discuss both movie and book versions of the canon.

General communities and fandom overviews

hms_surprise - general movie and book fan discussion
obriansnavy - discussion of all of Patrick O'Brian's works, and the Aubrey/Maturin series in particular
mandc_read is hosting read-alongs of the entire series.
mandc_watch has occasional group viewings of the movie
damned_colonial wrote a Jack/Stephen manifesto for ship_manifesto, which is a good introduction to that relationship, and the fandom in general.
thefourthvine wrote an excellent fandom overview as a part of a "Fandoms I have loved" series of posts.
soupytwist's fandom overview for crack_van.

Fanfiction and character-specific communities

mandc100 - drabble fanfiction community, with a weekly challenge topic
perfect_duet - Jack/Stephen fanfiction and discussion
mandc_rarepairs - Rare pairings
stephen_m - for fans of Stephen Maturin - fanfiction, discussion, and pictures
masters_mate - Tom Pullings fanfiction and discussion
Fanfiction recommendations from crack_van.

Icons and mood themes

mandc_icons - Master and Commander icons
ageofsail_icons - icon community for all Age of Sail fandoms
boxer_ferret's mood theme.
zed_pm's mood theme.
grace_poppy's Stephen Maturin and Jack Aubrey mood themes.

Some non-M&C-specific Age Of Sail communities and information

despatches - Age Of Sail fandom newsletter community, with a regular roundup of Age Of Sail-related posts
anything_aos - a general Age of Sail fan community
aos_challenge - Age of Sail fanfic and art challenge community
kiss_me_hardy - historical discussion for Age of Sail fandoms
aos_resources - links to Age of Sail information/sites
tallships_daily - pictures of tall ships

Selected non-LJ sites

Master and Commander Slash Mailing List - a Yahoo Groups mailing list for Master and Commander slash
The Gunroom - high volume, long-standing mailing list, with mostly book-focused discussion (they say their two topics of discussion are "Patrick O'Brian and everything else").
Patrick O'Brian Web Resources - affiliated with the Gunroom, this is a long list of POB-related web sites
Historical Resources for Fanfic Writers - a good resource for writers in any of the historical fandoms
A Patrick O'Brian Literary Guide - "A brief introduction, for fans of Peter Weir's 2003 movie, to the characters and plots in Patrick O'Brian's original books."
Maturin's Medicine - a guide to the medical terminology and cures that Stephen used on his patients

Let me know if I've missed or misstated anything. Thanks for reading!

Last Update: September 13, 2009
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