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Fandom: The X-Files

X-Files fandom on the web is venerable and awesome. X-Files fandom on lj is friendly and fairly quiet and has only begun to really take off recently, and it's easy and quite painless to get sucked into.

I've chosen links here based on my experience as a perpetual newbie; any bias is completely unintentional. Leave me a comment if I've got something wrong or left something out, and I'll do my best to fix it. This is, always, a work in progress.

XF on Lj

Remember before you post to any community to read the community info page (and do what it says); it will tell you how to avoid making a really bad first impression. These are most of the active communities; there are a few others which rarely get posts. :) marks a community as very active (at least one post a week, for months); X| marks a community that hasn't updated in the past year.

The X-Files: An Overview, by isagel and fanfiction recs by a bunch of people, at the crack_van.
X-Files pairing essays at ship_manifesto. Somebody really should do Mulder/Scully here.
Somebody should write up some X-Files at idol_reflection, too.
phile_files: Fandom newsletter (not currently updated.)

Discussion, News, and General Communities
:)xfiles: Extremely large, extremely active, newbie-friendly general discussion community. Post about anything even tangentially related to x-files, this is *the* main xf spot on lj. (Now under new management!)
the_x_files: Much smaller general discussion community.
alwaysanxphile: Another small general community. Fic-heavy.
X|doggettsucks: For people who like X-Files *despite* the last two seasons.
classicx: General discussion community.
the_xfiles : episode discussion community.
serenity_of_x: For the unconventional X-Files fan.
:)ru_xfiles: Russian language general discussion community (I think, I have no idea what they're actually talking about.)
batatinhas: Portugese language X-files community. I think.
the_x_files_ua: Ukrainian X-files community.
createthefuture: Community for a second XF movie.
creaelfuturo: Spanish-language community for XF 2.
There's also a Consortium of the elite and powerful, so secret it doesn't officially exist, but if I told you any more I'd have to kill you. And then they'd kill me. I think the initiation involves flesh-eating tobacco beetles. q-:

Fanfiction, art, and roleplay
xfstoryfinders: community to locate xf fanfic.
xf_journals: Open, freeform journal-style roleplay, set in real-time, currently on hiatus.
syndicate_x: F-locked adult-oriented roleplay.
xfilesfic: Fanfic community, all genres and pairings.
xfilesfanfic: Fanfic community, all genres and pairings, some discussion.
xfilesfics: Fanfic community, all genres and pairings.
xf_ficrecs: Open fanfic recommendation and discussion community.
skinnerotica: Fanfic recommendation community for Skinner-centric fics.
X|xf_drabble: Weekly-challenge drabble community, currently on hiatus.
X|xdrabble: Open drabble community. Go just to drool at the layout.
x_files_slash: Slash community, fic and art only, all slash pairings.
msrfanfic: Mulder/Scully fanfic.
campnoromo: Non Mulder/Scully fanwork.
xf_fanfic_forum: Research community for XF fanwriters.
X|scullyfic: Scully-centric fanfic community
xfmu: Fanfic about characters from S8 and S9.
haremxf: For fic about supporting female characters
:)xf_fanfilm: Vidding community.
xfiles_art: General fanart community.

:)xf_icons: Icon community.
xfiles_icons: Icon community.
elite_xf_icons: Membership-by-application icon community.
good_xficons: Membership-by-application icon community.
allthings_icons: Icon community.
xf_challenge: Weekly-challenge icon community.
txf_contest: Weekly-challenge icon community.
xf_icontest: Weekly-challenge icon community.
xfile_stillness: Weekly-challenge still icon community.
xfiles_icon_war: Icon challenge community.
davidandgillian: David and Gillian weekly-challenge icon community.
gilly_stillness: Gillian Anderson weekly-challenge icon community.
gillystillness: Gillian Anderson weekly-challenge community.
scullystillness: Scully icon community.
gillian_icons: Gillian Anderson icon community.
dd_stillness: David Duchovny weekly-challenge icon community.
msr_icons: MSR weekly-challenge icon community.
msr_stillness: MSR weekly-challenge still icon community.
drr_icontest : Doggett/Reyes icon contest.
xf100: 100-prompt icon challenge.
xf_lims: X-Files Last Icon Maker Standing contest.
xfile_xmas_ch: Christmas icons.
xfile_tutorials: X-Files iconmaking tutorials.

Character/Pairing specific
mulderonly: Mulder-centric fanwork
shipper: Mulder/Scully 'shipper community.
X|shipperalliance: Mulder/Scully 'shipper community
mk_apocrypha: Mulder/Krycek community.
:)krycek_lives: Krycek fan community.
rat_and_bear: Krycek/Skinner fan community.
slashingmulder: Agent Mulder slash community.
doggettislove: Agent Doggett fan community.
doggettaddicts: Agent Doggett fan community.
doggettscully: Doggett/Scully community.
dsrfans: Doggett/Scully community.
doggettreyes: Doggett/Reyes community.
:)drippers: Doggett/Reyes community.
X|mj_daily: Pictures of Doggett and Reyes
scully_slash: Scully/Reyes community.
knowlerohrer: Knowle Rohrer fan community.
lonegunmen: The Lone Gunmen and their spinoff show.

Actor specific
gilly: Gillian Anderson (Scully's actress) fan community.
gillianleigh: Gillian Anderson fan community.
gayforga: Gillian Anderson fan community.
gillian_esp: Spanish-language Gillian Anderson fan community.
scugill_pics: Spanish language Gillian Anderson fanart community.
gilliandavidpix: Photos of Gillian Anderson and/or David Duchovny.
:)nick_daily: Photos of Nicholas Lea (Krycek's actor).
nick_zone: Nick Lea fan community.
nickleafix: Nick Lea fanart.
:)duchovny_fans: David Duchovny (Mulder's actor) fan community.
dd_daily: Photos of David Duchovny
robertpatrick: Robert Patrick (Doggett's actor) fan community.
:)agfans: Annabeth Gish (Reyes' actress) fan community.
pileggi_daily: Photos of Mitch Pileggi (Skinner's actor.)
caryelwes: Fan community for Cary Elwes (Brad Follmer's actor.)
baldwin_daily: Fan community for Adam Baldwin (Knowle Rohrer's actor.)
X|chrisowensfans: Fan community for Chris Owens (Jeffrey Spender's actor.)

X|xf_claims: Claim an X-files ... anything.
X|spookyawards: News and updates for the Spooky Awards (fanfic)
xf_lyric_wheel: News and updates for the lyric wheels.
X|iw2b_updates: News and updates for the Ultimate X-Files Database
millennium_file: Millennium/X-Files discussion.
X|loveof_fate: Buffy/X-Files AU roleplay (On hiatus?)
futs_nuckin: Mulder/Goren crossover ship community.
frvs: Fox and Rat virtual series.
X|sg_x: A Stargate/X-Files virtual season.
X|yeoldeatxf: Community for the alt.tv.x-files Usenet group.
X|chatphiles: Community for the chatphiles chatroom.
X|xfilesmuck: Community for the X-Files MUCK game.
xfr: Community for the #xfr chatroom.
xfilesfix: Community for the X-Files fixation (fansite)
big_light: RSS feed of Frank Spotnitz's blog (He was a writer/producer on the show, now working with the new movie.)
gaws: RSS feed of updates to the gallery at http://www.gilliananderson.ws
Anniesj's X-Files mood theme and instructions for using it on your lj.

XF on other journal services

x_philes: General discussion community.
x_filesfanfic: Fanfic community.
thexfiles: general discussion community.
xfiles: General discussion community.

trust_no_1: General discussion community.

Other Useful Things to Know

Common Fandom-Specific Terminology on Lj
X-Phile, phile: Someone who loves the X-Files
MSR, DSR, DRR: Mulder/Scully romance, Doggett/Scully romance, Doggett/Reyes romance.
Shipper, 'ship, 'shipping: If used without specifying a pairing, refers to supporters of Mulder/Scully in a romantic relationship.
NoRoMo: No Romance: refers to people who *don't* support Mulder/Scully romance, and sometimes don't like romance in their X-Files at all.
Mytharc, Mythos: the overarching alien-conspiracy storyline.
MotW: Monster of the Week: refers to stand-alone episodes that don't touch on the mytharc.
CC, DD, GA: Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson.
TLG: The Lone Gunmen spin-off show.
CSM: The Cigarette-Smoking Man aka Cancerman
1013: The production company for the X-files.

Important places to know about off Lj
There are lots of archives, mailing lists, web sites, and forums out there: these are the ones you're most likely to see mentioned on lj without explanation.

atxf, atxc: The Usenet newsgroups alt.tv.x-files and alt.tv.x-files.creative. (You can read them on Google Groups: atxf, atxc.)
The Spookys: Longstanding yearly fanfiction awards. Any fanfic posted both to atxc and the Spookys webpage is eligible.
All-XF: All-fanfiction Yahoogroup which automatically cross-posts to atxc.
Ephemeral and Gossamer: Automated fic archives which pick up stories from atxc and a variety of mailing lists as well as direct submissions. Stories go to Ephemeral first, then are permanently archived on Gossamer. These are huge and the main clearing house for X-files fic.
TWoP: The Television Without Pity X-Files forum. Still quite active.
The Haven: Large and busy forum with fic, art, and discussion; MSR.

Information Resources
xfroadrunners.com: Huge fansite with news, image galleries, articles, anything else you might want.
The X-Files DVD Screen Grab Archive: Lots and lots of screencaps from season 1-8 and the movie.
InsideTheX: Complete transcripts of every episode, the movie, and TLG.
Complete X-Files episode guide at tvtome.
The X-Files Timeline, complete from prehistory to post-colonization.
Filmographies: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson filmographies at The Internet Movie Database; The X-Files at IMDB.
David and Gillian Online: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson image gallery.

A Few Unfounded Generalizations
  • If you ask at xfiles about anything which is covered here or at the crack_van overview, they will answer you semi-politely and then gripe about you behind your back. Or sometimes right to your face. Just so you know.

  • It's beginning to seem probable that there *will* be another movie by the end of 2006 or so whenever CC gets tired of fighting The Man. We know for sure that it will be set either before or after the end of the series, it will probably be either a mytharc story or a monster of the week, and that all of the actors from the series either will or won't be in it. Any new info or rumors usually get posted to xfiles pretty darn quick.

  • Active XF on Lj tend to be reasonably slash-friendly but often *not* slash *fans*. Actually, it's pretty MSR focussed right now. YMMV, but I recommend testing the waters first if you plan to gush about Dana/Diana theirloveissomoonworshipping. The most vocal slash pairing at the moment is probably Scully/Reyes, and there's a nice pro-Doggett contingent.

  • If you're brave, over 17, thick-skinned and of negotiable morality, you might be interested in looking at the X-files memories at Fandom_Wank, for some fandom history and some examples of what *not* to do, now with added mockery and bitterness. Or, if your tastes run to more bitterness and less mockery, the X-files thread at fanfic_hate. (Note that most of the people at both these threads aren't currently active in lj xf fandom, so don't get *too* scared.)

    "We are the Second Evolution of X-Files fans. The Ancients were scary and powerful and all, and I'm certainly willing to use their stuff if I find it, but they've mostly Ascended to higher planes, so now we can wander around the fandom pretending we know what we're doing, and the wise glowy people only show up once or twice a season, during sweeps."

And all that said, just jump in and have fun!

(Updated 8-15-07)
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