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Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

H50 Logo

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

The crack_van's overview of the new Hawaii Five-0 can be found here.


Canon: Anything that happened or was mentioned on screen in the show
Drabble: Short fic intended to be exactly 100 words
Fic (Fanfiction): Fan written fiction stories
Gen: Platonic relationship between the characters
H50: Short for "Hawaii Five-0"
Het: Sexual relationship (explicit or implied) between male and female characters
Recs: Short for "recommendations"
RPF (Real Person Fic): Gen or het fic featuring the real actors as the main characters
RPS (Real Person Slash): Fic depicting a sexual relationship (explicit or implied) between two real actors of the same gender
Slash: Sexual relationship (explicit or implied) between two characters of the same gender

General News, Discussion, and Announcements

h5o_daily -- daily pictures and screencaps
h50_epspoilers -- information about upcoming episodes and discussion of past episodes
h50_noticeboard -- a place to announce new fic, fanart, songvids, challenges, episode reviews, discussions, recs, comms, etc.
h50qanda -- a place to ask questions about canon events in the show
hawaii5_o_news -- daily newsletter linking to new H50-related posts on LiveJournal each day
hawaii5_0slash -- fic, fanart, graphics, and discussion about any slash pairing (male/male or female/female)
hawaiifive_0_tv -- news, interviews, photos, videos, reviews, recaps, graphics, fic, and polls
new_hawaiifive0 -- pictures, icons, information, summaries, and fic

Actor Specific

scott_alex_rps -- fic, fanart, icons, and news articles depicting the relationship/friendship/bromance between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan
scottcaan_daily -- place for Scott Caan fans to gather and talk about his work

Character Specific

bottom_steve -- slash fic, fanart, and songvids focusing on Steve as submissive during sex
dannykono -- Danny/Kono icons, graphics, art, fic, and discussion
stevedannoslash -- fic, fanart, icons, and articles about Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan or Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams (slash comm, both 1968 original and 2010 reboot)


All (Gen, Het, and Slash):

five0bang -- novel length fic fest
h50_bigbang -- novella length fic fest
h50_bottomdanny -- slash and het fic focusing on Danny as submissive during sex (no gen)
h50_bunny -- fic prompts
h50_episodefic -- episode-related fic
h50_exchange -- anonymous fic exchanges
h50_fic -- all genres and pairings (includes RPF and RPS)
h50_flashfic -- fic challenges
h50_fluff -- fic with happy endings
h50_harlequin -- AU stories based on summaries of Harlequin romance plots (no gen)
h50_holidayswap -- holiday fic exchange
h50_rec_room -- fic and fanart recs
h50kinkmeme -- het and slash prompts and fills (no gen)
h50s2redux -- fic challenge to rewrite season 2
hawaii_bigbang -- novel length fic fest
hawaii50_betas -- a place to find a proofreader for your fic
ohana_favorites -- home of the Ohana Favorite Awards (fic awards as voted on by readers)
shoot_the_curl -- 24 hour writing challenges (includes RPF and RPS)
wahine_5_o -- fic focussing on the female characters in the show


hawaii5_o_het -- het and RPF fic


dannysteve_fic -- Steve/Danny fics
kissemdanno -- Steve/Danny fic fest
sd_ldws -- Steve/Danny drabble challenges


hawaiificfinder -- a place to request fics you can't remember the title or author of

Assorted Fanworks

five_0_frolic -- fic, fanart, songvid, etc. promptfest for all pairings and all ratings
h50_art -- het, gen, slash, episode related, AU, crossover, etc. fanart
h5o_art_santa -- holiday art exchange
h50_gen -- gen only fic, songvids, fanart, fanmixes, icons, and podfics
h50_gifs -- show-related GIFs
h5o_vidders -- songvids
h5oartvalentine -- fanart exchanges and challenges
h50bingo -- fic, fanart, songvid, etc. prompts and fills
hawaii_50_hc -- fic, fanart, songvids, picspams, graphics, and other works with a hurt/comfort theme
hfive0_graphics -- icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, picspams, mood themes, etc.


h50_iconage -- icon sharing
h50icontest -- icon challenges


gohard_brah -- H50 fans post, discuss, and cheer on fellow members as they reach their personal health and fitness goals
h50sotb2012 -- meet-up comm for people who want to attend Sunset on the Beach
hawaii50_land -- writing, graphic, puzzle, and luck/chance team challenges


h50_france -- French language H50 comm
hawaii50italy -- Italian language H50 comm

Selected External Links

Alex O'Loughlin Rocks (Fan page with news and extensive photo gallery)
CBS's H50 Site
CBS's H50 Facebook Page
H50 Page at (Lists all episode titles in Hawai'ian and English, with links to recaps and trailers)
H50 Fic at Archive of Our Own
H50 Fic at


@danieldaekim -- Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly)
@erikakauffman -- Erika Kauffman (H50 publicist)
@hawaiifive0cbs -- Official CBS Twitter
@iananthonydale -- Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
@laurengerman -- Lauren German (Lori Weston)
@masioka -- Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman)
@michelleborth -- Michelle Borth (Catherine Rollins)
@OQuinnTerry -- Terry O'Quinn (Joe White)
@plenkov -- Peter Lenkov (H50 producer)
@taylorwily -- Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
@willyunlee1 -- Will Yun Lee (Sang Min)

Last updated: July 29, 2012
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