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Fandom: Castle

Richard Castle is a bestselling novelist. After Castle kills off his main protagonist because he is no longer interesting to write, Castle finds new inspiration in NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, a savvy homicide detective with a penchant for unusual cases. Castle uses his friendship with the mayor to arrange an indefinite ridealong with Beckett for the purpose of doing research for his books. Castle gradually becomes a valuable part of Beckett’s team, providing unique insight into the criminal mind, while Castle and Beckett banter in the best will-they-or-won’t-they tradition.

Other regular characters include Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito, Beckett’s fellow homicide detectives who work under Beckett’s direction; Captains Roy Montgomery and Victoria Gates, Beckett’s immediate superiors; and Dr. Lanie Parish, the medical examiner usually assigned to Beckett’s cases. On the home front, the twice-divorced Castle lives with his teenage daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha Rodgers, a Broadway actress.

The format of the series is that of "murder of the week" stories, with a sometimes-grisly crime scene at the beginning of each episode. Beckett and Castle interview witnesses and suspects and follow clues that eventually lead them to discover the identity of the murderer by the end of the episode. A handful of episodes have touched on the unsolved murder of Beckett’s mother. The tone of the series is comedy-drama, with characters bantering at murder scenes and immune to the perils of serious illness or morally ambiguous decisions.

Although Richard Castle is a character on a TV series, he has a real web site and Twitter account. Additionally, the novels he has written based on Detective Beckett have been published in Real Life, so viewers can go to their local bookstore and purchase books by "Richard Castle".

LiveJournal Communities

abc_castle: All-purpose community (Not updated in over 6 months.)
castle_tv: All-purpose community
castlelounge: All-purpose community (Warning: Spoilers not always behind a cut!)
writer_ofwrongs: All-purpose community
12th_castle: All-purpose community (Deleted and purged.)

Foreign Language
castle_espanol: Spanish-language community (Not updated in over a year.)
ru_castle_tv: Russian-language community (Deleted and purged.)

castle_news: Newsletter summarizing fan activity on LiveJournal
castle_watch: Biweekly newsletter summarizing fan postings in LiveJournal communities and Castle news in entertainment media (Not updated in over 2 years.)
castle_spoilers: Spoilers for upcoming episodes (Warning: Spoilers not always beind a cut!)(Not updated in over a year.)

castle_eps: Castle episodes community [Members Only]
safeword_apples: Castle episode rewatch community
castle_rewatch: Castle episode rewatch community (Not updated in over 6 months.)

castleawards: Weekly awards for achievement in Castle fandom - fanfiction, graphics, etc. (Deleted and purged.)
castle_awards: Awards for achievement in Castle fandom - fanfiction, graphics, etc. (Deleted and purged.)

Specific Interest
castlebeckett: Castle/Beckett shippers
castle_slash: Castle slash (predominantly Ryan/Esposito)
wewatch4beckett: Fans of Kate Beckett (Deleted and purged.)
cstleminuscstle: Everything about Castle except Castle himself (Not updated in over 6 months.)
castlexovers: Castle crossovers with other fandoms
castlestamping: Fill out the quiz to find out which Castle character you are most like.

castle_fic: Castle fanfiction
castle100: Castle drabbles (100-word fanfics) with weekly prompts
castlebigbang: Castle fanfiction challenge community (Not updated in over a year.)
ryanandesposito: Ryan/Esposito ficathon
castle_alt: Castle alternate pairings community and ficathon
castlekink: Community for users to request/write specific (generally adult) fanfics (Not updated in over a year.)
castle_kink: Community for users to request/write specific (generally adult) fanfics (Not updated in over 2 years.)
castle_kinks: Journal for people to write request/write adult fanfics. Although a personal journal and not a community, it essentially works the same as other kink communities. (Not updated in over 6 months.)
castlepoetry: Castle poetry (Not updated in over 2 years.)
castlelostfound: Castle fic rec and fic finders community

Fanfiction and Graphics
castle_fans: Castle art community (fanfiction, graphics, etc.)
rysito_big_bang: Ryan/Esposito fanfiction and graphics challenge community

castlelgraphics: Graphics community for Castle Lounge
castleicons: Icon community
castle_icontest: Icon community with biweekly challenges
castle20in20: Icon challenges (20 in 20 days) with themes
castle_20in20: Icon challenges (20 in 20 days) (Not updated in over 2 years.)
castlelims: Last Icon Maker Standing community - icon challenges (Not updated in over a year.)
castledaily: Daily photo community (Not updated in over 2 years.)
castle_daily: Daily photo community (Deleted and purged.)
castlepicsdaily: Daily photo community
rickcastledaily: Rick Castle daily photo community
beckettdaily: Kate Beckett daily photo community
caskettdaily: Castle/Beckett daily photo community [Members Only] (Not updated in over a year.)
caskett_daily: Castle/Beckett daily photo community
castlegifs: Castle gifs (short video clips.) (Not updated in over a year.)
castle_vcontest: Castle videos with monthly challenges (Not updated in over 2 years.)

castleland: Challenge community where participants write fics, make graphics, solve puzzles, etc. to gain points for their team. In the style of other "Land" communities. [Members Only]

Includes several secondary communities only for use by participants. Included in this list for the sake of completion. [All Members Only]
castledetective - Team Detective
castlemedical - Team Medical Examiner
castlewriter Team Writer
clteamcastle - Team Castle (Old team, no longer used) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clteambeckett - Team Beckett (Old team, no longer used) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clteamesposito - Team Esposito (Old team, no longer used) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clteamryan - Team Ryan (Old team, no longer used) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clstoryboard - Writing (Consolidated into main comm) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
cldustjackets - Graphics (Consolidated into main comm) (Not updated in over a year.)
clredherring - Games (Consolidated into main comm) (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clchallenge - Challenges (Consolidated into main comm) (Not updated in over a year.)
clgifts - Gifts
clgala - Special Projects (Not updated in over a year.)
castlesanta - Secret Santa (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clinterrogation - Social Activities & Member Challenge Submissions
clbanners - Prize Banners (Not updated in over a year.)
clbannersquad - Prize Banner Making (Not updated in over a year.)
clmorgue - Previous Winners
clroughdrafts - Community Rules and FAQs
clprecinct - Mods & Team Leaders (Not updated in over 6 months.)
clmemos - Reminders

Real Life Fandom
castlecon: Castle fan convention (New York, June 2010) (Not updated in over 2 years.)

"Not updated in over 6 months/a year." is based on the information in LiveJournal's Interests lists or the comm's user info page.

Dreamwidth Communities
Dreamwidth is a community-driven site similar to LiveJournal.

castle_watch (Not updated in over 2 years.)

Other Offsite Communities

Official Sites
Castle at
Castle at ABC Medianet: ABC press releases and episode stills.

Castle at Facebook: Facebook account for Castle.
Castle at Twitter: Behind the scenes of Castle.

RichardCastle.Net: Richard Castle's web site.
WriteRCastle at Facebook: Richard Castle's Facebook account.
WriteRCastle at Twitter: Richard Castle's Twitter account.

Entertainment and Information Sites
Castle at Streaming episodes and clips.
Castle at Streaming episodes and clips.

Castle at IMDB
Castle at Wikipedia
Castle at TV Guide
Castle at Yahoo TV
Castle at TVRage
Castle at TV Fanatic
Castle at Television Without Pity

Castle at Examples of the television tropes (character and plot clichés) Castle fulfills.

Fan Sites
Castle (CastleTV.Net): All-purpose community.
The Castle Web Portal: All-purpose community.
Castle Wiki (at Wikia.Com): All-purpose community.
Castle Fans (Castle-Fans.Org): All-purpose community.
Castle Fan Club (at Fanpop.Com): All-purpose community.
Wetpaint Castle (at Wetpaint.Com): All-purpose community.
The Castle Fan Site (CastleFanWiki.Com): All-purpose community.
Castle Information Archive (Castle-TV.Info): All-purpose community.
Castle & Beckett Fan Club (at Fanpop.Com): Castle and Beckett shipper community.
Extraordinary Kate Beckett: Kate Backett fan community
Kevin & Jenny (at The Knot): Kevin & Jenny wedding webiste
Salt & Peppa: Ryan & Esposito fan community.
Castle Cast (CastleCast.Net): Castle podcast.

Castle’s Capers: Fan forum discussions.
Castle at Fan Forum: Fan forum discussions.

Foreign Language Fan Sites
Castle-TV.Net.RU: Russian-language all-purpose community.
Castle France: French-language all-purpose community.
Castle First Italian Forum: Italian-language fan forum discussions.


At Fanfiction Sites:
Castle at
Castle at Archive of Our Own
Castle at Generally adult stories

At Castle Sites:
Fanfiction at No adult or slash stories allowed

Castle Fanfiction Awards: Fanfiction awards site
Bad Castle Fic: Scathing criticism of Castle fanfiction

Dustjackets: A Castle Wiki: Castle Ficwriter’s Wiki. Details on episodes, characters, etc. Very good.

Screencaps and Publicity Stills

At Screencap Communities on LiveJournal:
Castle Screencaps at Grande Caps
Castle Screencaps at Pretty Boxes

At Screencap Sites:
Castle at Home of the Nutty
Swanee's Castle Screencaps
Castle at Daydreaming
Castle at Grande Caps

At Castle Sites:
Castle Photos at ABC.Com
Photo Gallery at Castle-Fans.Org

If you’re aware of a Castle fan community or web site that is not listed here, or if this information is incorrect in any way, just let me know and I’ll add or correct it as soon as I can. I’m sorry, but I’m not planning to include actor fan communities in this list.

Last Updated: May 28, 2012
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