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Admin: Updates, Surrenders, and Dreamwidth

Usual Business: Updates/Surrenders

This is a reminder to update your overviews, or to surrender your overviews if you no longer intend to update them. Comment here to surrender!

Usual Business: Non-Fandom Overviews

We do have a small selection of overviews on topics that are not a specific fandom, and I’d like to expand this section. We currently have an anti-racism post, for example, and if anyone would like to tackle other topics (such as gender, kink, poly, whatever!) I’d love to include them.

New Business: Dreamwidth

There is a Newbie Guide community on Dreamwidth, but at this time it has only a single post listing fannish communities there, which is updated by me using info provided in comments. I did not know, when I created that post, that there is a page on that wiki-I-can’t-remember-how-to-find that also lists communities on Dreamwidth, which makes my post redundant; I don’t think I’ll be maintaining that post in the future, as I am morally opposed to pointless work.

(If you have strong feelings about keeping that post going, I am perfectly willing to hand it over to someone else to maintain!)

What I would like to do is start getting some overviews up for specific fandoms in the DW community, just like we have in the LJ one. What I’m going to do first is give people who currently run the overviews on LJ first crack at also maintaining that fandom overview on DW.

  • If you currently have an overview in the LJ community and would like to do an overview for the same fandom on DW, please comment and let me know. (Remember to tell me which fandom!)

  • If you currently have an overview on LJ and are NOT interested in also covering DW, please comment and let me know. (Remember to tell me which fandom!)

  • If you currently have an overview on LJ but would rather cover the same fandom on DW only, please comment and let me know. (Remember to tell me which fandom!)

If you opt to not maintain an overview for your fandom on DW, it will then be up for grabs over on DW, but you will still be the maintainer of the LJ version. You will not lose your existing overviews.

If you decide to do both the DW and LJ versions, how you go about handling two overviews is up to you. If you wish to have one for DW listing only DW stuff, and one for LJ listing only LJ stuff, that’s fine. If you wish to create one single overview covering both sites and post it to both communities, that’s fine too!

I will, after we get existing overviews sorted out, be opening up the claiming process for existing LJ overviews that still need a DW maintainer.

In the meantime, if anyone wishes to do an overview, on LJ or DW, for any fandom that does not already have an overview on LJ, or has one that is currently surrendered and up for grabs, please comment in either community and let me know. Going forward, please indicate in your comment if you intend to cover both DW and LJ together, or just one of those sites. You can find a list of fandoms that currently have overviews, as well as ones that have overviews that have been surrendered, here. (Once we get some overviews up on DW, that community will have its own list.)
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