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soophelia [userpic]
Fandom: The Dresden Files
by soophelia (soophelia)
at June 11th, 2010 (07:08 pm)

Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties or Other Entertainment

The Dresden Files is about a wizard/private investigator named Harry Dresden, who uses his paranormal skills to assist the Chicago police in solving crimes.

Harry Dresden first appeared in a series of books by Jim Butcher, a roleplaying game (Evil Hat Productions), graphic novels (Dabel Brothers and Dynamite), and then a tv series of the same name. The tv series lasted only one season, but the book series continues.

Please note: The TV series and the novels share major characters and settings, but run on very different continuities.
Links compiled and overview written by morchades with additions by soophelia.

Official Sites
The Dresden Files on the SciFi Channel
The Dresden Files Forum at Syfy (formerly SciFi) Channel
The Dresden Files RPG
Evil Hat Productions - company that distributes the official TDF rpg.

General/Meta Communities
dresden_daily –Fandom Newsletter
dresdenfans - general TDF community. All media (book, tv, rpg, etc) welcome
dresden_files –-Discussion community for the books
dresdenfilestv –Discussion community for the TV series
dresdenfans –Discussion for all media (books, tv series, graphic novels, rpg, etc)
dresdenfiles_ru –Discussion in Russian

skullden - comm for fic/fanart recommendations. It's primary slash, but all ships (het, slash, or gen) are welcome.

Art/Icons/Graphics Communities
dresden_art –Anything visually artistic
dresden_stills –Weekly icon contest
ihazwand - a group for silly pictures of fantasy shows and films like The Dresden files

Videos/Fanmixes Communities
dresdenvids – Music Videos

Fanfiction Communities
dresdenfic –All media, all types of fiction
dresdenfiles100 –Weekly drabble challenge, all media
dresdenslash –Book-based slash fiction
df_crossovers –Crossovers with other fandoms
dresdenflashfic –Flashfic challenge comm for TV series only

Weekly drabble challenge, all media
dresdenflashfic – 
Flashfic challenge comm for TV series only
Weekly icon contest
seasonaldresden  –2-month Create-A-Thon for Book and TV continuities. You can contribute anything: fic, icons, graphics, videos, essays, whatever your creative mind can come up with. First Round signups are open until June 30th.

Shipping Communities
skull_boy_love -– Shipping community for the pairing of Bob/Harry
harry_bob_love - another Bob/Harry comm
harry_murphy –Shipping community for Harry/Murphy
mafiabanter – Harry/Marcone comm
df_rarepairs - community for rare pairings

Jim Butcher Communities
jimbutcher –Jim Butcher's livejournal
jimbutchernews –Syndicated feed for Jim Butcher News
thebutcherblock – Syndicated feed for The Butcher Block Podcast

Robert Hewitt Wolfe - Producer/Writer of the tv series
Official Site of Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Robert Hewitt's Wolfe's Twitter

Actor/Character Communities
pblackthorne  –Fan community for Paul Blackthorne, actor who plays Harry in the tv show
mann_power – fan community for Terrence Mann, actor who plays Bob in the tv series
mannfanns – another Terrence Mann fan comm. This one is less active
joannekelly fan comm for Joanne Kelly, who played vampire Bianca in the tv series
non_stop_james – fan comm for James Marsters, an actor who narrates the audiobooks

Roleplaying Communities
fools_gold_rpg –Support Community for the Fool's Gold RPG, a book-based rpg. You must had read up to Summer Knight to play, and be unafraid of spoilers up to Proven Guilty.
mcanallys_pub , mcanallys_ooc  –Pan-fandom role-playing game based in the world of Harry Dresden. Applications open from 1st through the 15th of each month
elswhere_vancvr - comm created to make it easier to share the Dresden-verse CWRPS AU
mind_the_wards - another rpg

Misc Communities
dresden_rating - which Dresden Files character are you

Quick Reference Links

List of Books
Episode Guide
Dresden Files (Books) Wikipedia Entry
Dresden Files (TV) Wikipedia Entry
Dresden Files Wikia
Dresden Files Fanlore

Non-Livejournal Fansites

Dresden Files Wiki
SkyOne's Dresden Files website. SkyOne is a channel in the UK.
Harry Dresden Files - unofficial fan site
A Dresden Files fansite for the tv series
Dresden City - fan site
Saving the Dresden Files (tv series)
Dresden Files Discussion Group at Dreamwidth
A New Home For Dresden - a campaign to save the tv series
TDF site at Fanpop - has images, videos, articles, etc.
The Blue Whale Pub: Dresden Files Fan Forum
Yahoo Group for Dresden Files Slash

Non-Livejournal Fanfiction Sites
DF Fanfic for the books at fanfiction.net
Dresden Files Book Verse - Fanfiction community for the books
Dresden Files TV Verse - Fanfiction community for the tv version
DF Fanfic for the tv series at fanfiction.net
DF fic based on the tv series at Wonderful World of Makebelieve
Dresden Files Fic Archive
Dresden Files fic at Archive of Our Own
A Man and His Skull, Fanfiction.net community for the pairing of Bob/Harry, tv series.
Hrothbert of Bainbridge - Fanfiction.net community about Bob, tv series version.
Dresden Tearjerkers - Book verse fanfiction community for fics that "that pull, tear or stab at the heart."

Chaotic Creative Dresden Files Screencap Gallery
Another Screencap Gallery

Promotional Pictures
Dresden Files Promotional Pictures

Actors websites/fansites
Paul Blackthorne's Official Site
Another Paul Blackthorne Site
Terrence Mann Fan Site
Fanlisting for Bob, tv series.
Raoul Bhaneja site, actor who played Detective Kirmani in the tv series
Raoul and the Big Time -official website for Raoul's band
Conrad Coates website, actor who played Morgan in the tv series.
Daniel Kash unofficial site, actor who played Justin Morningway in the tv series

Last Updated: June 11, 2010