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Fandom: The Mentalist

The Mentalist follows Patrick Jane, a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, Agents Wayne Rigsby, Kimball Cho and Grace Van Pelt. Although not an Agent, Patrick uses the skills he acquired from his former career as a successful psychic medium to help the team solve various crimes.

Patrick’s former career was a con; he used profiling and trickery to convince people of his abilities, his success with this affording him near-celebrity status. Patrick’s career ended when he gave a television interview in which he claimed that his abilities had helped the police profile a dangerous serial killer, Red John. This angered Red John, who then murdered Jane's wife and daughter in revenge.

Following a breakdown, Patrick abandoned his career as a psychic, instead turning to the singular pursuit of bringing Red John to justice, by teaming up with the CBI to help them solve various crimes, some of which involve Red John. He readily admits that he feigned the supernatural aspects of his skills, but he does have genuine talents in cold reading, hypnotism, observation and a deep insight into the human psyche and behavior. These skills combined with the unorthodox techniques he uses to solve crimes often bend the CBI’s rules but, ultimately, his input results in closing the case.

Main cast:

Patrick Jane: Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon: Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby: Owain Yeoman
Kimball Cho: Tim Kang
Grace Van Pelt: Amanda Righetti

General sites:

redjohn (Members only)
redjohnlovesyou “things to do while the Mentalist is on hiatus” – fic/discussion/etc


mentalistfic- Het, Slash and Gen fiction
mentalist_slash - Slash fiction
thementalistfic - Het, Slash and Gen fiction

Pairing specific:

alittlemorezing - Patrick Jane / Kimball Cho
jane_rigsby - Patrick Jane / Wayne Rigsby
rigsby_grace - Wayne Rigsby / Grace Van Pelt
jane_vanpelt - Patrick Jane / Grace Van Pelt
building_trust - Patrick Jane / Teresa Lisbon
patrick_teresa - Patrick Jane / Teresa Lisbon
lisbon_mashburn - Walter Mashburn / Teresa Lisbon
secretdatingfic - Wayne Rigsby / Grace Van Pelt

Fanfiction prompts / Awards:

mentalistprompt - Weekly prompts
mentalawards - Fanfiction Awards


mentaliststills - An Icontest Community
mentalist_icons - Icons
pajateli_daily - Teresa Lisbon / Patrick Jane daily pictures
love_whisper - Mentalist picspams and more


lisbon_daily - Teresa Lisbon daily


arighetti_fans - Amanda Righetti
yeomandaily - Owain Yeoman
tunney_daily - Robin Tunney

Non-English language:

mentalist_es - The Mentalist en Espanol
thementalist_it - The Mentalist Italia
mentalist_ru - Mentalist Russian

External (non-livejournal) links:

http://www.thementalisttvshow.com/ - wetpaint site- eps/catch up/ pics etc
http://www.fanfiction.net/tv/Mentalist/ - Mentalist fic – Slash, het, gen
http://www.fanfiction.net/crossovers/Mentalist/3256/ - Mentalist crossover fic
http://cbi.dreamwidth.org/ - Mentalist community on Dreamwidth
http://the-mentalist.info/ - The Mentalist general site
http://simon-baker.net/ - Simon Baker site
http://patrickandteresa.net/ - Patrick Jane / Teresa Lisbon site
http://www.squidge.org/peja/cgi-bin/categories.php?catid=4958 - The Mentalist on WWOMB
http://archiveofourown.org/tags/The%20Mentalist/works - The Mentalist on AO3

Note: Comms which have not been updated in a year or only have one or two (old) entries have not been included. Also, if you find any that I've missed, let me know and I'll add them.

Last update: Oct 2011 (reposted due to editing problems)

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