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Fandom: Twilight

Twilight is a series of young adult novels by Stephenie Meyer as told from her character's, Bella's, point of view. Bella moves from Phoenix, Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to give her life a change of pace. She gets more than she bargains for in the form of Edward Cullen, beautiful, intelligent, and sparkly. Bella discovers that Edward and his family are vampires. But the fun doesn't end there! Twilight is host to a slew of mythological creatures, and all this interspersed between romance, action, horror, and whining more action!


Discussion Communities

General Discussion

Specific Discussion
  • bd_spoilme
    Discuss Breaking Dawn and spoilers.
  • bd_support
    Discuss Breaking Dawn and spoilers.
  • caps_twilight
    A Twilight capslock community.
  • eb_indepth
    A community for subdued, intelligent discussion of the Edward/Bella relationship.
  • eb_lust
    Discuss the Edward/Bella relationship with other adult Twilight fans.
  • fireicewater
    Discuss and share fanwork of the male Twilight characters.
  • i_hate_twilight
    A Twilight ranting community.
  • mmmcradle
    A community for poking fun at Twilight.
    An "Oh No They Didn't" Twilight community.
  • ontd_twatlight
    An "Oh No They Didn't" Twilight community.
  • read_twilight
    Participate in chapter-by-chapter book discussions.
  • readtwilight
    Participate in chapter-by-chapter book discussions.
  • robert_kristen
    Discuss Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella.
  • tw_smarts
    A community for subdued, intelligent discussion and fanwork sharing of Twilight.
  • twilight_film
    Discuss the Twilight film.
  • twilight_talk
    Discuss the Twilight-themed podcast, Twilight Talk.
  • twilightboys
    Discuss and share fanwork of the male Twilight characters.
  • twilightcougars
    A community for middle-aged (and older) Twilight fans.
  • twilightsanity
    A community for subdued, intelligent discussion and fanwork sharing of Twilight.
  • twisexuals
    A Twilight joke community (no fanfiction or icons).

News Communities

Other Language/Country Communities

Pairing Communities

Slash & Femmeslash: twilight_slash, twislash
Non-Canon Pairings: twilightawry, twiriginal, twilightrarely


Carlisle/Esme: esmecarlisle, mending_love
Edward/Alice: edwardalice
Edward/Bella: lion_lamb, heroin_blood, to_our_meadow, bella_edward
Edward/Bella/Jacob: twilightfurever
Edward/Rosalie: edwardrosalie
Edward/Tanya: edwardtanya
Emmett/Rosalie: emmett_rosalie, physical_bond
Jacob/Angela: jacobangela
Jacob/Bella: sortofbeautiful, jacob_bella
Jacob/Jessica: jacob_jessica
Jacob/Leah: jacobleah
Jacob/Tanya: jacobtanya
Jasper/Alice: jasperalice, alice_jasper, pixie_soldier
Jasper/Bella: jasperbella
James/Victoria: feline_hunter
Quil/Claire: clairequil
Sam/Leah: thealmostlovers

Slash and Femslash

Alice/Bella: alicebella
Edward/Jacob: jakeward, breakthetreaty
Jasper/Edward: jaspard
Mike/Edward: mikeedward
Quil/Embry: quembry
Tanya/Rosalie: ivoryblondes


Bella/Truck: truck_love

Character Communities

Alice Cullen: aliceinogen
Carlisle Cullen: carlislecomrade, bloodthirstydoc
Edward Cullen: edward_dazzles, thosetopazeyes_, eclanonymous, the_temptation, thosetopaz_eyes
Emmett Cullen: kelmett_happens
Esme Cullen: motherly_esme
Jasper Hale: jasperlove, empathjasperh, teamjasper
Rosalie Hale: blamethebeauty, etherealrosalie

Bella Swan: courageous_lamb, roast_lamb
Jacob Black: bettingonblack
Laurent: sometimesicheat
Leah Clearwater: abraveface

The Denali: the_denali
The Humans: forks_posse, newtonoutfitter
The Pack: quileuteboys
The Volturi: thevolturi

Fanwork Communities

Icons, Manips, and Other Graphic Art

Fanart,and Other Handmade Art




Challenge Communities

General (Fanfiction and Fanart)

  • canon_eclipsed
    Exchange Twilight fanfiction of non-canon pairings.
  • edwardbella_100
    Write a 100-word Edward/Bella drabble based on a prompt.
  • fridaydrabble
    Write a Twilight drabble based on prompts given out every Friday.
  • heroinexchange
    Exchange Edward/Bella fanfiction.
  • part_of_him
    Answer Edward Cullen fanfiction challenges.
  • t_w_c
    Write for a monthly Twilight theme.
  • twilight_100
    Claim a Twilight prompt table for pairings, characters, etc.
  • twilight_tables
    Claim a Twilight prompt table for pairings, characters, etc.
  • twilight20
    Claim a Twilight prompt table for pairings, characters, etc.
  • twilight100
    Write a 100-word Twilight drabble based on a prompt.
  • twilightffchall
    Answer Twilight fanfiction challenges.
  • twilightficmix
    Claim an album, using songs as prompts for Twilight pairings, characters, etc.
  • twilightprompts
    Claim a Twilight prompt list for pairings, characters, etc.


Awards & Rec Communities

Other Communities

Off-Site Twilight

Number of communities: 110
Last updated: 12/07/2008
Last added: mikeedward, ivoryblondes, the_denali.

Tags: overview, twilight

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