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general jinjur [userpic]
Fandom: Life on Mars [UK] and Ashes to Ashes
by general jinjur (general_jinjur)
at August 17th, 2008 (02:03 pm)

A guide to Life On Mars [UK] on Livejournal

Life On Mars is an award-winning BBC One tv series. It originally aired between January 2006 and April 2007, running two seasons for a total of 16 one-hour episodes.

From the BBC website:
Sam Tyler's world is about to be turned upside down. Moments after his girlfriend and colleague is kidnapped, Sam is knocked unconscious by a car and wakes up - in 1973.

(some links below are shared with Ashes to Ashes, the sequel series to Life On Mars [UK])

overviews & information:
mars_daily (includes Ashes to Ashes)
marsinalicante en español (includes Ashes to Ashes)
lifeonmars_au australian community
life_in_print scans of print media mentions
the crack_van summary and recs
off-lj: Collator's Den - a fic and meta archive for Life On Mars [UK] and Ashes to Ashes

fic communities:
martianholiday holiday exchange
jumping_off post-series fic and meta
zomromcomlomcom zombie-related LoM fic and other fanworks

drwholifeonmars xover fic community

lifeonmars_rf round-robin
at_the_ivy an rps rpg, includes Simm, Glenister, White, Lancaster

a2alom (includes Ashes to Ashes)
lom_icontest inactive icon challenge
marscaps screencaps
ihasacortina macros
lomstillness icon challenge
lims_on_mars icon challenge

gentlydoesit (includes Ashes to Ashes)

individual pairings, characters, actors:
Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt
John Simm as DCI/DI Sam Tyler
Dean Andrews as DS Ray Carling
Marshall Lancaster as DC Chris Skelton
Liz White as WPC Annie Cartwright

notcowards Sam/Annie
1973oddcouple Sam/Gene
doc_n_copper Sam/Martha Jones (of Doctor Who) xovers
donna_gene Gene/Donna Noble (of Doctor Who) xovers


genehunt (actually a Glenister community)
philipglenister (inactive)
philandorjohn (Simm &/or Glenister community)

tunedinto1973 music
collators_intl for finding someone to translate LoM/A2A non-English language fic appearing in the Collator's Den site into English
writersonmars fic writer spotlight comm
lom_workshop research and writing community

A guide to Ashes to Ashes on Livejournal

A sequel series to Life On Mars [UK], Ashes to Ashes employs a similar premise and many of the same recurring characters. It originally aired on BBC One beginning in February, 2008. A second season is currently in production, with planned airdates beginning in 2009. Many of the links in the LoM section include Ashes to Ashes content.

From the BBC website:
DI Alex Drake is a high-flying police psychologist who (...) opens her eyes to find herself in a drugs bust in 1981, dressed like a prostitute and part of the fantasy world imagined by Sam Tyler, the DCI she had been studying.

overviews & information:
ashes_in_print scans of print media mentions

a2a_lims icon challenge
fandabydozy (inactive)

gentlydoesit (includes Life on Mars)

individual pairings, characters, actors:
Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt
Keeley Hawes as DI Alex Drake
Dean Andrews as DS Ray Carling
Marshall Lancaster as DC Chris Skelton
Montserrat Lombard as WPC Sharon Granger

geneandalex Alex/Gene
bollyknickers Alex Drake community

I've combined these two fandoms in a single post as there is considerable link crossover, and I have included a number of currently inactive communities with the expectation that many of them will revive at the beginning of the second series of Ashes to Ashes or following renewed interest in the UK version of Life on Mars with the premiere of the US version. I will remove them if they remain inactive.

created August 17, 2008. last updated March 7, 2009.