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trascendenza [userpic]
Fandom: Hairspray (films and musical)
by trascendenza (trascendenza)
at October 4th, 2007 (11:19 am)

Hairspray is a story that has seen three incarnations: first, as a 1988 film by John Waters, next as a Broadway musical stage production, and finally, as a 2007 movie musical film.

Set in 1963 Baltimore, the story follows "pleasantly plump" teenager Tracy Turnblad as she simultaneously pursues stardom as a dancer on a local TV show and rallies against racial segregation.

General Hairspray communities and ’ship communities:

hairspray2007: "A community for fans of the Hairspray 2007 film."
cantstopthebeat: "A community dedicated to Hairspray the musical."
cornycollins: A general Hairspray fan community.

goldentrinkets: Tracy/Link ’ship focused, but appears to be open to any Hairspray related content.
zikkishrine: Nikki Blonsky/Zac Efron ’shippers community.
zattany: "Zac Efron + Brittany Snow = Zattany. This is the community dedicated to the talented Brittany Snow and Zac Efron."

hairspray_rp: Hairspray role-playing.


cornycollinshow: "This is an icontest for fans of Hairspray, be it the 1988 original movie, the Broadway musical that opened in 2002 or the movie musical opening on July 20th, 2007."
cultmovieicons: An icon community focused on cult movies and television.
bwayicons: "This community is where you can find and share LJ icons and graphics related to Broadway."
__broadwayicons: "This community is for posting any graphics related to Broadway, and musical movies."
its_hairspray: "A graphics community for the movie, musical, and movie-musical Hairspray!"

General Broadway/Musical:

musicaltheatre: "Here you can post about anything pertaining to musicals."
broadway: "This community is for discussion of movie and stage musicals."
broadwaymusical: "This is a community for all those who love Broadway Musicals!"

General Cult/Obscure Films:

cinema_obscura: "The purpose of this community is to discuss, review, and shed light on some of the more bizarre, fantastic, and obscure films that are floating around out there."
cult_movie: "For lovers of cult movies."
cult_classics: "A community for fans of any cult movie classics."
kult_klassics: "This is a community based on the strange, lovable, and odd cult films, music, and b movies."
cultxclassics: No community description.

Actress/Actor focused communities:

simplysnow: "This community is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Brittany Snow."
brittany_daily: "This is a community for fans and anything related to Brittany Snow."
zacfans: "An elite fan community for Zac Efron of Summerland, High School Musical & Hairspray."
zac_graphics: "Graphics of all types are allowed here as long as they include Zac."
zefronfanfics: "This is a community where people can write stories based on Zac Efron himself or the characters he's played."
fansofzacefron: "Welcome to Fans of Zac Efron; any news, pictures, reviews, fanfics, icons, graphics, etc. within the community."
efron_icontest: " Welcome to efron_icontest, an icon challenge community devoted to the one and only, Zac Efron!"

_jamesmarsden_: "The first James Marsden LJ community!"
dreamlanders: "The John Waters/Dreamlanders community."
latifahfans: A community for Queen Latifah fans.
xlittle_darlinx: "News, pictures, graphics and fanfiction about actress, Nikki Blonsky."
amanda_daily: "Amanda Bynes fan community."

divine_michelle: "This is a community to celebrate all things Michelle."
pfeiffer_pfans: A general Michelle fan community.
michelle_mafia: "This community is dedicated to Michelle Pfeiffer and anything that is related to her!"

christo4walken: "This is a community for fans of the talented Christopher Walken."

Off-LJ Resources

2007 Movie Musical:
Official Site
Blog (articles, interviews, pictures, etc.)

Official Website
Internet Broadway Database

1988 Movie: