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Fandom: Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is an American television comedy-drama starring Ellen Muth, Mandy Patinkin, Jasmine Guy, Callum Blue and Laura Harris as a group of grim reapers in Seattle, Washington. Created by Bryan Fuller and continued by executive producer John Masius, it ran for a total of nineteen episodes over two seasons.

Eighteen-year-old Georgia Lass (but, really, if you know what’s good for you, call her George) is the show’s protagonist and narrator, a terminal underachiever and disaffected youth who, suddenly tossed the duties of reaping souls—removing the souls before death, escorting them until they move on into the afterlife—finds out that being undead has just as many challenges as being alive. This razor-sharp and quirky dramedy may been canceled before its time, but hasn’t stopped fans from caring about the show (and with the upcoming Direct-to-DVD movie coming out, this seemed like an ideal time to have this guide) or creating community around in on LiveJournal.

General Fandom Communities:

deadlike_me: mostly icons and discussion.
deadlikeher: mostly icons, discussion, and advertising.
gravelings: mostly icons, discussion, and advertising.
dead_like_us: mixture of icons, discussion, fic and advertising.
dlm_episodes: members-only episodes community.
der_waffle_haus: mostly icons, discussion, and advertising.

Fanwork Communities:

dlm_fanfiction: a general fanwork community (fiction, art, mixes, etc.).
youaremarvelous: a George/Mason ’ship community.
masonlovesdaisy: a Daisy/Mason ’ship community.
happy_time: fanfiction community.
grim_reapers: RPG. (inactive as of last check)
we_die_we_reap: RPG. (inactive as of last check)
dead_like_rpg: RPG. (inactive as of last check)

Other Communities:

ship_manifesto: Essays (currently only George/Rube)
premium_blend: A fan community for shows on premium cable channels. (DLM tag)
yuletide: a small fandom holiday ficathon exchange. (DLM Archive)


dlm__icons: general icon community.
reaper_icons: general icon community.
dlmlims: last icon maker standing challenge.
dlm_stillness: non-animated icon challenge.
deadandkicking: lims for dead characters.
dlm_silence: text-free icon challenge.
dlm_caps: a community dedicated to sharing caps.

Actress/Actor communities:

mandy_fangirls: "Anything related to Mandy Patinkin is welcomed here. Screencaps, interviews, icons, graphics/wallpapers, pictures [...] etc."
ellen_muth_fans: "This is the first and only community dedicated to the lovely Ellen Muth."
callum_blue_fan: "A community dedicated to the actor Callum Blue."
_forever_blue_: "A community dedicated to the talented young actor, Callum Blue."


polyfandomrecs (DLM tag)
recsalicious (DLM tag on
recslikewhoa (DLM memories)

Off-LJ resources:

Official Site
Ellen Muth Official Site
Ellen’s MySpace

Dead-Like-Me tag on
DeadLikeMe tag on
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