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Fandom: Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess

This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend, when the ancient gods were petty and cruel and they plagued mankind with suffering. Only one man dared to challenge their power... Hercules! Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen, a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. He journeyed the Earth battling the minions of his wicked step-mother Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gods. But wherever there was evil, wherever the innocent would suffer, there would be... Hercules!

In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings,a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle. The power... the passion... the danger... her courage will change the world...

These fandoms began with five Hercules TV movies as prequels to the Hercules:the Legendary Journeys series (which ran six seasons, 1995-2000). The Xena character was introduced in a three episode story arc in the first season of H:tLJ, and then Xena:Warrior Princess became its own series (running six seasons, 1995-2001). Various actors and characters did plenty of crossover guest appearances between the two series.

Additional peripheral canon includes a spin-off called Young Hercules that centered on Hercules, Iolaus and Jason in Cheiron's Academy (1998-1999), a Young Hercules movie that told the story of the voyage of the Argonauts (1998), the pilot episode of another proposed spin-off called Amazon High (1998), and oh, right, the animated film called The Battle For Mount Olympus (1998). http://www.whoosh.org/ has detailed episode summaries and such for all of these. There are also tie-in novels and comic books.

Fandom resources on LJ:

The fanfiction recommendations community crack_van has excellent fandom overviews for X:WP by perclexed and H:tLJ by ltlj... see crack_van's memories categories for fanfiction recs for both fandoms.

ship_manifesto has a handful of pairings essays for both H:tLJ and X:WP.

Fandom Announcements and Digests:

hxyh_announce - Hercules, Xena, Young Hercules Announcements - what's going on in the fandom.


xenites - X:WP fans
xenaquotes - words of wisdom, the great and not so great quotes from X:WP
xena_auctions - for those looking for X:WP merchandise
hercules_tlj - H:tLJ comm, no content yet
ru_xwp - Russian X:WP comm, no content yet


hxyh_challenge - The Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules Fan Fiction Challenge
herc_xena100 - weekly 100-word fanfiction challenge community for H:tLJ and X:WP
herc_iolaus - Hercules and Iolaus - fanfiction, art, and squee centering on their friendship or relationship as well as their characters individually (and alternate versions of them, including alternate dimensions, doppelgangers, identical cousins etc).
xenafanfic - X:WP fanfiction and related discussion (predominantly Xena/Gabrielle)
warriorlesbians - The Sapphic Xenites - Xena/Gabrielle fanfiction, icons, or comments about the show and its subtext
warrior_women - all-age-appropriate X:WP fanfiction, pictures, poems, songs, icons, quotes, etc.
all_joxer - Everything Joxer, slash, fiction, discussion, icons
ares_slash - Ares' Temple of Hot Man Sex - all about Ares, and slash
sex_n_leather - Ares God Of War adult fic and discussion
gjrs - The Gabrielle and Joxer Romantics Society
gjerotica - Gabrielle/Joxer Erotica
tedandbruce - Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell RPS and FPS
urbanites Karl Urban squee, RPS and FPS
temple_o_badfic - The Temple of Bad Herc-Xena Fanfic
xenaficathon - X:WP ficathon (possibly abandoned)

Vids, Pics, Art and Icons:

xena_vids - X:WP fanmade songvids
xena_walls - X:WP-inspired wallpapers and graphics
potedia_scrolls - general squee, pics, icons, wallpapers
xena_screencaps - X:WP screencaps and images
hercules_icons - H:tLJ icon challenge
xena_challenge - X:WP icon challege
xena_chorus - Each week, a lyric will be posted. All members can then create and post a Xena icon using the provided lyric.
xena_icontest - X:WP icontest
callisto_fans - Callisto fans; pictures, icons, screen-caps, art, quotes, etc.

lawless_stills - A Lucy Lawless Icontest
torres_daily - Gina Torres daily pics
karl_daily - Karl Urban daily pics
craig_daily - Craig Parker daily pics

RPGs and Claims:

xena_rp - X:WP roleplay comm
amazonnation - an RPG surrounding mostly the Amazons from X:WP.
xena_claims - X:WP claims
xena_stamps - X:WP and H:tLJ stamping community (OK, I've never heard of a "stamping" community before... read the userinfo for more details -- Elke)

Actor-, writer-, producer-, director-, and stuntperson-related:

reneeoconnor - Renee O'Connor fans
ted_raimi - Ted Raimi fans
liz_friedman - Liz Friedman fans
bcnation - Bruce Campbell fans
churchofbruce - Bruce Campbell fans
brucecampbell - Bruce Campbell fans
truebrucefan - Bruce Campbell fans
girls_for_craig - Craig Parker fans
brucehopkins - Bruce Hopkins fans
hudsonleick - Hudson Leick fans
kathryn_love - Kathryn Morris fans
urban_78 - Karl Urban fans
zoebell - Zoë Bell fans

Other comms of interest:

whoosh_org - Whoosh.org provides a monthly journal, episode guides, airing schedules, convention reports, boutique websites, uber fiction, and a plethora of other materials concerning strong women in popular culture and other cool stuff. Though they're best known as a Xena: Warrior Princess site, they keep up with a lot of other shows, as well.
more_than_xena - Warrior Princesses: Past, Present, and Future - From Princess Leia to Xena, this community is all about Warrior Princesses. Come here to talk about female characters who are both regal and kick butt, and to discuss how the archetype of the warrior princess has evolved in popular culture.
chickswswords - Girls With Swords (we like weapons too)
kickass_chicks - The Sisterhood of Hot Chicks Who Kick Ass - Because "tough, independant, smart chicks = HOT!" - From Princess Leia to Xena, this is the place to worship all our favorite hot, tough fictional chicks.
warrior_queens - Warrior Queens And Other Chicks Who Kick Butt
elves_n_amazons - Elves and Amazons Community - Fantasy Lovers United - for Elves, Elf Friends, Amazons, and lovers of Elves and Amazons, also welcoming to Vikings, Barbarians, Ninjas, etc.
southern_cross - fanfiction where at least one character in the primary pair is played by a Kiwi actor or actress (read the userinfo for details)

Last update: September 21, 2006

Please help me keep this up to date by commenting with any broken links, new communities, inactive communities, etc. Thank you!
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