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Fandom: Boondock Saints
by null (unperfectwolf)
at June 2nd, 2006 (08:31 pm)

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The Newbie's Guide to the Boondock Saints Fandom on Livejournal

Set in the old Irish ghetto of South Boston, Boondock Saints is about a set of Irish twins, Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) MacManus. Their trademark style is matching ratty jeans, tee shirts, peacoats and sunglasses (and nearly matching tattoos). They are extremely religious (they go to church every morning), extremely impoverished (they live in illegal loft housing that is literally falling apart), are exceptionally smart (managing to speak five or more languages), and work at a meat packing plant (that has self-imposed affirmative action). Also, they are both extremely pretty.

In the beginning of the movie, on St Patrick's Day, they manage to get into a bar fight. And then the shit hits the fan. Or, more accurately, the toilet's thrown and the rope saves the day. Because the men who they got in a fight with come after them the next morning and Connor ends up handcuffed to a toilet and Murphy kneeling in an alley. Once they're out of that particular situation, they meet up with FBI Agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe) who's very sharp, and also sick and tired of all the redtape. And then the twins get this message from God...

For those of you who are so lost your mind is spinning, here's the fandom overview at crack_van.

Or you could just go rent the movie. Your choice.

The Movie: The Boondock Saints was release straight to video by Blockbuster in 1999, after having been blacklisted by Clinton in 1998. The movie was just recently re-released in its original form, the Unrated Special Edition, which has a bit more blood and some more cat guts, plus director/actor commentaries. And spiffy new cover. Also, random trivia of the day, according to IMDB, the word 'fuck' is used in the movie 246 times. Apparently, these are the things everyone, even the people who've never seen it, know about Boondock Saints: It has Irish brothers shooting people, and there are hints that the pretty Irish brothers are shagging each other. Enough said?

12 Things You Need To Know:
1) Rope is important. Very important. It is also stupid, and sometimes fucking stupid.
2) Symbology is not a word[1], as much as all 20 lj communities with it as an interest want it to be. The word you are looking for is Symbolism.
3) Nameology is not a word either. But it's fun to say.
4) Removing your bloodied gloves before putting your hands on your head is a very, very good idea. Unless you like that sort of thing.
5) Freud was right.
6) Always remember to take your finger with you, once it's been shot off.
7) The twins are like 7-11. They might not always be doing business, but they're always open.
8) It doesn't count. He's had ice on his.
9) Yes, the cat is dead. Yes, we're sure.
10) Fighting in air ducts is generally not a good idea. Unless you have rope.
11) You'd have better luck with beer.
12) Telling someone you're going to kill their twin is a good way to get a toilet dropped on you.

On The Fandom: Boondock Saints has a relatively small fandom (this is surprising considering the sheer size of it's fanbase), but it is an extremely close one. The easiest way to find good stories is to browse other people's memories for them, and the easiest way to find the best icons is to look at what other people have gakked from each other. It's an extremely stable fandom, with a few new people coming in and a few people leaving, but mostly the same people staying. We're a pretty laid back, anything goes kind of group, but we are, for the most part, a bunch of horny women delighting in a set pretty boys to slash (because they are very pretty, really).

If you like slash, I don't know where you've been before now, but you'll find a happy home here. There is very little het, and what there is can mostly be found at The Pit. If you don't like kink, read the headers, because there's an amazing amount of it. If you don't like twincest (Connor/Murphy), then you really should just abandon the fandom. We won't force feed you it, but the large majority of anything Boondock related on livejournal is Connor/Murphy, though there is a good amount of gen fic floating around.

As this is a closed fandom, you can expect spoilers in just about every link provided. There have been rumors about a sequel circulating for some years (the IMDB link worked for a while, then it didn't, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't), and they were recently confirmed during the One-Night-Only in-theater screening of the Unrated Special Edition of the movie on May 22, 2006. Who knows when the sequel is coming out, but we at least know it's coming.

On The Fanfiction: There are two main pairings. Kind of. One, plus a little one. And those are? Connor/Murphy and Smecker/Greenly. But Smecker/Greenly is, sadly, talked about far more than it's written. Duffy with one of the twins (usually Murphy, from what I've seen) has a few fics, and we even have Duffy/His Tie. And then there's a few random other pairings (mostly slash), some crossovers (mostly slash) and some gen. And again, yes, before you take the time to tell us, we are very aware that Connor and Murphy are twins and no, we don't see anything wrong with that (in fact most of us think it's kind of hot). It is going to be very hard to find a place for Boondock fanfiction that is free of Connor/Murphy. We also like crossovers, a lot in fact. There are some really interesting ones. And we eat them like they're those little candy flavored cough drops that everyone knows you only need three a day of, and yet the whole pack is gone in an hour.

On Cross-posting: It happens. It happens A LOT. Be prepared to wade through things three or four or more times because we're the cross-posting whores of the internet. And we don't mind if we do, so there.

On The RPS: There is actually quite a bit of this. There's several communities for it, and nearly every person who writes it also writes BDS fic, so there's links all over the place. And yes, like we know that Connor and Murphy are brothers, we know that these are real people and the whole issue of whether it's right or wrong is really really old.

Communities on Livejournal:
Movie Discussion: boondock_saints
General Fandom, No Fic: boondock_sts
Fic: bds_fic
Fic: bds_drabble
Fic Challenges: bds100
Art: art_nomine
Pictures: bds_pic
Media: bds_media
Icons: bds_icons
Icons: boondockicons
Icon Challenges: bardowntheblock
Anything Connor/Murphy: connorxmurphy
Anything Slash: boondock_slash
Sean Patrick Flanery/Norman Reedus (and all the characters they've portrayed) Fic: flandus
Norman Reedus (and all the characters he's portrayed) Fic: youmarvelousboy
Sean Patrick Flanery: spf_daily
Norman Reedus: norman_daily
Willem Dafoe: willem_daily
Ficcer Guide: bds_ficcers
Because they speak five or more languages and, sadly, most of us don't: multilingual

Other Things Of Interest:
Boondock Saints Fanfiction Recs at crack_van (sadly lacking)
Screencaps by spiffydaze. Not that, you know, there's screen caps, or anything *shifty eyes*
The Boondock Saints Section on Fanfiction.Net
An explanation, if you will by perseph2hades
The Boondock Saints page on IMDB

As you may or may not have noticed, the fandom has dubbed itself the BDS fandom, because every fandom has to have an acronym because that's just the law.

[1] This is debatable. And frankly, I don't care either way. Yes, really, I don't fucking care. Even if it means I'm a horrible person and I'm killing the English language slowly and torturously, I don't care. If you really want to belabor the point, please go somewhere else. Those were posted for humor. As in, funny, haha. Not to be PC or any other form of correct.

If I missed anything, or you want more information on something, comment!

Last Updated: 23 July, 2006


Posted by: null (unperfectwolf)
Posted at: November 8th, 2006 03:29 pm (UTC)

Heheh. Noo ,no, the naked connor and the ice on it comment are one in the same. It's from the deleted scenes - and dude, YOU MUST WATCH THESE. Naked boys is aways good.

Posted by: She's The Queen (please_mrjailer)
Posted at: November 8th, 2006 08:30 pm (UTC)

GAH! I returned it before looking at the extra stuff. *headdesk* Ohwell.. that just reinforces my need to buy it. Thanks a bunch for the info! :D:D

Posted by: null (unperfectwolf)
Posted at: November 9th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

Let me pu togethetr a zip package of them for ya, okay? *grin*

Posted by: She's The Queen (please_mrjailer)
Posted at: November 10th, 2006 11:22 pm (UTC)
AT i only want you

*bows down* OMGTHANKYOU!!!

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