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Renay [userpic]
Fandom: Final Fantasy
by Renay (heyheyrenay)
at March 22nd, 2006 (04:09 am)

Please see the How You Can Help section for the status of the guide!

Final Fantasy is a series of RPGs and movies created by Square Enix. The series is long running—Final Fantasy was first released in Japan in 1987 and has been growing ever since. The Final Fantasy series is special in that each numbered release are not connected plot-wise, meaning that each new number denotes a completely new world, characters and intricate plot.

The Final Fantasy series has appeared on numerous consoles, such as the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Playstation 2 and computer platforms More recently, various hand-held systems such as the Nintendo DS the Playstation Portable and various mobile phones have featured Final Fantasy titles. Final Fantasy XIII has recently been announced to appear on the Playstation 3.

There have been 12 main title releases in the the Final Fantasy series and with the addition of various spin offs, there are over 30 titles carrying the Final Fantasy name, with more on the way all the time.

The fandom on livejournal is large and promises to grow with the acquisition of new titles. Even so, the livejournal branch of the fandom, as massive as it is, is only a fraction of the fandom. Off livejournal, the Final Fantasy fandom is immeasurable just for how vast and spread out it is.

Fandom Summary

Because of the special nature of the Final Fantasy series, it's possible for one fan to like all the games while another fan only likes one or two. There is high occurrence of crossing over for each numbered series. One fan may like Final Fantasy VII while another may like Final Fantasy X better and have never played Final Fantasy VII. This provides an unique experience to those involved in the Final Fantasy fandom, as we are all connected by the series while being totally independent of one another, depending on our interest in the games.

A very large portion of the Final Fantasy fandom is involved in the pairing together of various characters from the different Final Fantasy titles. Because each Final Fantasy title boasts many characters that fans indentify with and many casts are extensive, the pairing combinations for any one Final Fantasy title is expansive. This guide is heavy on the many pairing communities there are for various relationships.

Luckily for the Final Fantasy fandom, ship wars, otherwise known as fans of rival relationships fighting back and forth, seems to be low, which is good for fandom harmony. Most fans seem to get along well in this regard.

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts
Square-Enix in a project with Disney released a game called Kingdom Hearts in 2003. This game follows the story of the characters Sora, Kairi and Riku with the help of a huge cast of various Disney and Final Fantasy character cameos. Some of the more well-known Final Fantasy characters that have featured in Kingdom Hearts include Leon (Squall Leonhart, FFVIII), Cloud (Cloud Strife, FFVII) and Sephiroth (FFVII).

Kingdom Hearts II was released in North America in 2006 and upon its released it was proved that Kingdom Hearts canon does not touch the canon of any of the various Final Fantasy games. Thus, Final Fantasy characters that star in Kingdom Hearts are not considered Final Fantasy characters in the context of this guide, although much of fandom will write series crossovers, which is popular in fanfiction and fanart.

Livejournal Communities

General Discussion and News (14)

Final Fantasy fandom newsletter. Published every day. Collects news, discussions, activities, recommendations, fanfiction, and fan art via ff_presswatch as well as user-submitted material.

The Final Fantasy Noticeboard, available for members of the fandom to announce fanwork or related topics.

Final Fantasy fanlisting for authors, artists, and fandom as a whole.

A community for debate and discussion of all topics related to Final Fantasy.

For Final Fantasy discussion.

A community aimed at Final Fantasy game tips, fanart, fanfiction, etc.

A Final Fantasy community for French fans.

For Final Fantasy fans to post fanfiction, fanart, and strategy help.

Discussion community for Final Fantasy.

News and discussion about Compilation releases.

A Final Fantasy fandom discussion community, aimed at the games and the fandom around them. Adults only.

University of Final Fantasy for essays and discussions.

A community aimed primarily at serious Final Fantasy debate.

A Square-Enix newsletter collecting news from various websites about company moves, decisions, and releases. Features a lot of Final Fantasy news.

General Final Fantasy Fanfiction (21)

General Final Fantasy Icons (24)

Other General Final Fantasy Interests (9)

Final Fantasy fanfiction recommendations.

Final Fantasy fanart.

Final Fantasy fanart.

Final Fantasy multimedia fanwork exchange.

Final Fantasy cosplay help, discussion, and showcase.

Final Fantasy writing support.

Final Fantasy music community.

Final Fantasy fan videos.

A community devoted to Final Fantasy doujinshi.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III Discussion and News (1)
General Final Fantasy III discussion community.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV Discussion and News (2)
General Final Fantasy IV discussion community.

General Final Fantasy IV dicussion community.

Final Fantasy IV Fan Fiction/Art (1)
Final Fantasy IV themed writing community.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI Discussion and News (5)
Final Fantasy VI community for theories, news, and discussion, etc.

Final Fantasy VI community for discussion, fanwork and recommendations.

A discussion community for the game "Final Fantasy 6 Advance.

Final Fantasy VI dicussion community for mature fans.

Defunct Final Fantasy VI discussion and help community.

Final Fantasy VI Fan Fiction/Art (2)
Final Fantasy VI themed writing community.

Final Fantasy VI themed writing community.

Final Fantasy VI Character-Specific (2)
cult_of_kefka (Kefka)
edgar_figaro (Edgar)

Final Fantasy VI Pairing-Specific (3)
locke_celes (Locke/Celes)
sandandmagic (Edgar/Terra)
edgarxlocke (Edgar/Locke)

Final Fantasy VI Icons (1)

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Discussion and News (7)

The first and largest Final Fantasy VII community for theories, news, and discussion about Final Fantasy as well as Compilation pieces.

Discussion community for Advent Children. Accepts material from all Compilation pieces, as well as fanwork.

Discussion community for Dirge of Cerberus, featuring Vincent Valentine. Accepts material from all Compilation pieces, as well as fanwork.

Discussion and fanwork community dedicated to Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis.

Discussion and fanwork community dedicated to Midgar.

Discussion community for Crisis Core, featuring Zack.

Rant community for Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Fiction/Art (10)

Community for fanwork that includes a pairing from Advent Children or another piece from The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Het, slash, femmeslash and multiple pairings all accepted.

Community dedicated to fanfiction for gen and het stories based on Final Fantasy VII original game canon (OGC).

Community that accepts yaoi/yuri (slash/femmeslash) fanfiction, opinions, fanart, icons, and media.

Community dedicated to Advent Children and Lost Order fanfiction, but also accepts other Final Fantasy VII Compilation pieces.

Community for Advent Children fanwork. Must fall into Advent Children timeline and be slash/yaoi themed.

Community for Crisis Core fanwork.

Final Fantasy Compilation themed writing community.

Community for slash/yaoi themed Final Fantasy Compilation fanwork.

Final Fantasy VII drabble community.

Community for posting Final Fantasy VII Compilation writing or questions about writing in the Final Fantasy VII universe.

Final Fantasy VII Character-Specific (14)

aeris_church (Aeris) blonde_tenacity (Elena) cloud_smiles (Cloud) _electric_rebel (Reno)
renobsession (Reno) finalheaven_ (Tifa) zackfans (Zack) reeve_and_cait (Reeve)
rufus_shinra_ (Rufus) sephirothism (Sephiroth) sephyfans (Sephiroth) sideburn_homage (Loz)
goldenclaw (Vincent) valentinesniper (Vincent)    

Final Fantasy VII Pairing-Specific (39)

_zerith_ (Aeris/Tseng) aerisephlovers (Aeris/Sephiroth)
aerithxtseng (Aeris/Tseng barretcloud (Barret/Cloud)
barret_and_tifa (Barret/Tifa) cidtifa (Cid/Tifa)
cidvin (Cid/Vincent) cloud_x_aeris (Cloud/Aeris)
cloudxzack (Cloud/Zack) clouffielove (Cloud/Yuffie)
ctlove (Cloud/Tifa) deadbfsociety (Yuffie/Vincent)
demons_n_angels (Vincent/Sephiroth) dual_harmony (Loz/Yazoo)
ff_sugar (Cloud/Yuffie) hojoxvincent (Hojo/Vincent)
kadajxcloud (Kadaj/Cloud) myprettypuppet (Sephiroth/Cloud)
makocest (Loz/Yazoo/Kadaj/Sephiroth/Cloud) reffie (Reno/Yuffie)
reno_tifa (Reno/Tifa) renocloud (Reno/Cloud)
renorude (Reno/Rude) rudetifa (Rude/Tifa)
rufusreno (Rufus/Reno) rufustifa (Rufus/Tifa)
soldiersmut (Sephiroth/Zack) strifentine (Cloud/Vincent)
teadrinkers404 (Cid/Shera) tifa_x_aeris (Tifa/Aeris)
trigasm (Kadaj/Yazoo/Loz) vincentxaerith (Vincent/Aeris)
vincentxreno (Vincent/Reno) vincentxtifa (Vincent/Tifa)
yazooxkadaj (Yazoo/Kadaj) yuffentine (Vincent/Yuffie)
zack__cloud (Cloud/Zack) zack_aeris (Zack/Aeris)
zerena (Tseng/Elena)  

Final Fantasy VII Icons (11)

Final Fantasy VII Miscellaneous (1)
Community for sharing Final Fantasy VII doujinshi.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII Discussion and News (2)
The Final Fantasy VIII discussion community, which also accepts fanfiction, fanart, etc.

Canon guide and speculation.

Final Fantasy VIII Fan Fiction/Art (3)
Final Fantasy VIII themed writing community.

Final Fantasy VIII writing community, accepts all type of fiction.

Final Fantasy VIII community dedicated to slash/yaoi relationships in fanfiction, fanart and discussion.

Final Fantasy VIII Character-Specific (5)
irvine_kinneas_ (Irvine Kinneas)
quistisfans (Quistis Trepe)
zell_dinct_fans (Zell Dincht)
lagunaloirefans (Laguna Loire)
griever_pendant (Squall Leonhart)

Final Fantasy VIII Pairing-Specific (12)

irvinequistis (Irvine/Quistis) irvinexselphie (Irvine/Selphie) irvinexsquall (Irvine/Squall)
furere_aliqua (Seifer/Squall) seiferxquistis (Seifer/Quistis) seiferxrinoa (Seifer/Rinoa)
seiferzell (Seifer/Zell) seifuu (Seifer/Fujin) squallxquistis (Squall/Quistis)
squallxrinoa (Squall/Rinoa) sxs_luv (Seifer/Squall) rainelaguna (Laguna/Raine)

Final Fantasy VIII Icons (3)

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX Discussion/News (1)
Discussion community for all aspects of Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX Fanfiction/Art (2)
Final Fantasy IX slash fiction community.

Final Fantasy IX themed writing community.

Final Fantasy IX Character-Specific (2)
love_of_kuja (Kuja)
amarant_ (Amarant)

Final Fantasy IX Pairing-Specific (1)
zidanexdagger (Zidane/Dagger)

Final Fantasy IX Icons (2)


Final Fantasy X/X-2

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Discussion/News (2)
Final Fantasy X discussion community.

Final Fantasy X-2 discussion community.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Fanwork (5)
Final Fantasy X drabbles.

Final Fantasy X themed writing community.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 fanwork (fic, art, icons).

Community for Final Fantasy 10 slash/yaoi fanfiction (also accepts femmeslash/yuri).

Community for Final Fantasy 10 femmeslash/yuri.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Character-Specific (3)
al_bhed (Al Bhed)
b_bneedmorelove (Brother and Buddy)
praetors (Praetors)

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Pairing-Specific (12)

aurikku (Auron/Rikku) aulu (Auron/Lulu) deadbfsociety (Auron/Rikku)
ff_sugar (Tidus/Rikku) gippaine (Gippal/Paine) gippalxbaralai (Gippal/Baralai)
prude_love (Baralai/Yuna) rikkuxpaine (Rikku/Paine) quitethecouple (Rikku/Gippal)
seymourxyuna (Seymour/Yuna) syopacusatyo (Rikku/Tidus) tidus__yuna (Tidus/Yuna)

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Icons (4)

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Discussion/News (3)
Final Fantasy XI discussion and help community.

Final Fantasy XI discussion and help community.

Defunct Final Fantasy XI community.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII Discussion/News (3)
Final Fantasy XII discussion community.

For fans of the world Ivalice

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings discussion community.

Final Fantasy XII Fanfiction/Art (5)
General Final Fantasy XII fanfiction community.

General Final Fantasy XII fanart community.

Final Fantasy XII themed writing community.

Final Fantasy XII slash.

General fanwork/discussion community.

Final Fantasy XII Character-Specific (14)

allegedlyahero (Vaan) balthierfans (Balthier) batwingcurls (Vayne and Larsa)
cookiesforbasch (Basch) dawn_princess (Ashe) franalicious (Fran)
love4larsa (Larsa) raslerlove (Rasler) penelove (Penelo)
pirateofthesky (Balthier) skypirates (Balthier and Fran) son_of_dalmasca (Vossler)
straywithpride (Gabranth) vaanreks (Vaan and Reks)  

Final Fantasy XII Pairing-Specific (13)

ashe_basch (Ashe/Basch) balthier_ashe (Balthier/Ashe) balthierfran (Balthier/Fran)
balthier_penelo (Balthier/Penelo) baschbalthier (Basch/Balthier) fran_balthier (Balthier/Fran)
gabranthffamran (Gabranth/Ffamran) larsaxpenelo (Larsa/Penelo) leading_men (Balthier/Vaan)
raslerxashe (Rasler/Ashe) ronsencest (Basch/Gabranth) vaan_ashe (Ashe/Vaan)
vaanxpenelo (Penelo/Vaan)    

Final Fantasy XII Icons (3)
ffxii_dream (include icons and other graphics)

Final Fantasy XII Miscellaneous (1)
Rating community.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Discussion/News (1)
The Final Fantasy XIII Compilation discussion community.

Final Fantasy XIII Icons (2)

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics Discussion/News (2)

Final Fantasy Tactics discussion.

For fans of the world Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Discussion/News (2)

The first and original discussion community for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

For fans of the world Ivalice.

Final Fantasy Communities - How You Can Help
I have decided that I will let this guide stand as a starting resource, but as of now I am attempting to move it to Fanlore. The page is here and I and others are in the process of shifting the listings over.

There are two reasons. Number one is that this guide is woefully out of date and is hard to keep updated: keeping track of every single Final Fantasy canon is a chore, especially when communities taper off and revive so often. In many newbieguides the editor is only dealing with one canon: this guide deals with many—and the number keeps going up. That's a lot for one person to manage. The second is that Fanlore is a wiki and thus, anyone can edit the listings and no one has to wait on me to add/subtract communities for them.

If you know of a Final Fantasy community that's not featured on either this list or the list of inactive communities, feel free to edit it into Fanlore yourself. Account creation is easy. Of course, if you don't like editing a wiki or don't have time to learn, do feel free to comment with it, anyway, and we'll see about getting it added ourselves as we move these listings. :)

Total communities: 274


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Posted by: Jane Jones (solitaryjane)
Posted at: July 21st, 2006 04:07 pm (UTC)

Hi. Not sure if you're still updating, but if you are, could you please add strifentine to the Pairing-specific list? We just started and are trying to advertise right now. Thanks!

Posted by: Renay (heyheyrenay)
Posted at: July 22nd, 2006 08:07 am (UTC)

Thanks; not sure how I missed that one in my update a few days ago! Will add. :D

Posted by: ۵a sunset in my veins (sunsetsred)
Posted at: July 22nd, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)

j0! Would you mind adding syopacusatyo (Rikku/Tidus), clouffielove (Cloud/Yuffie), and shinra_awards (icons)? ♥♥♥

Posted by: ۵a sunset in my veins (sunsetsred)
Posted at: July 22nd, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)

Oh, and renobsession is another Reno comm ^^ ♥

Posted by: vampires don't need lube (katmillia)
Posted at: August 4th, 2006 12:01 am (UTC)

Hey, not sure if this is still being updated, but we've created a new general fiction ff_smutathon for smut fics. :)

Posted by: I shall desire more love and knowledge of you. (techno)
Posted at: August 10th, 2006 05:44 am (UTC)

ff12_awards & ff13_awards

Posted by: a fear-ridden gigolo meets a mean dungeon delver (th3newblack)
Posted at: October 17th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
setzer edgar and locke ••omgwtfbbq

Little note: IV's (occassionally) more active comm is finalfantasytwo~

Posted by: Renay (heyheyrenay)
Posted at: October 17th, 2006 05:08 am (UTC)

Oooh! Thank you very much for that. :D I'm having lots of trouble finding communities for the earlier games, so that helps lots.

Posted by: crismas (tifaheart)
Posted at: November 8th, 2006 05:18 pm (UTC)

Could you add locke_celes to the FFVI section? It's not crazy active but I try to keep it updated from time to time with discussion of the couple. Thank you!

Posted by: crismas (tifaheart)
Posted at: November 8th, 2006 05:22 pm (UTC)
always losing you

oh also, ff7_rants plz.

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Renay (heyheyrenay)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)

Excellent news! Thanks so much for letting me know.

Posted by: Nevar (saharasnow)
Posted at: December 2nd, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Summoner - Yuna

I'm a bad community owner =.=;;;;

prude_love - Yuna x Baralai

Posted by: Case K (grayout)
Posted at: December 10th, 2006 06:27 pm (UTC)

*dies* Missed this too.

cidtifa Cid/Tifa, FFVII;
city_of_mako Midgar fans, FFVII (OGC)

Posted by: Gina! Gina! (la_vamp)
Posted at: December 17th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)

Can't believe I missed this! raslerxashe has been around for almost a month now. =)

Posted by: xchristabelx (xchristabelx)
Posted at: January 30th, 2007 08:01 pm (UTC)
vinny sees

Hey there. My friend and I just started a new Final Fantasy fanfic challenge comm called ff_love. Prompts are posted every Saturday and people can write for any Final Fantasy episode they like. Fics can also be as long or short as people like to write them. It's a really new community, so I'd be very happy if you could add it to the list.

Posted by: Ariss Tenoh (ariss_tenoh)
Posted at: May 21st, 2007 04:52 pm (UTC)

I really like how organized and pretty the guide looks compared to others. The logos are a nice touch. Thanks for doing this!

Posted by: monikajufyt (monikajufyt)
Posted at: July 11th, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)

G Zoli Says: July 1st, at pm The new design looks cool, I really like it. Great job. ( More vids pls.

Posted by: ??? (iamleaper)
Posted at: June 1st, 2007 12:56 pm (UTC)

Final Fantasy X-2, Pairing specific, Gippal/Baralai, gippalxbaralai.

This is taken over from the old, defunct community, gibara69.

Posted by: love like magic. ♪ (koizumi)
Posted at: September 7th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
aerith ★☆ compilation poster

ff_icon_shoppe, for general FF icons.

Posted by: Renay (heyheyrenay)
Posted at: September 7th, 2007 01:49 am (UTC)

Thanks. I'll add it in my next update. :D

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