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Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster


Jeeves & Wooster is the fandom designation for everything that's grown up around P.G. Wodehouse's remarkable Jeeves series of books and short stories. Written from 1916 to 1975 and set in an interminable inter-war England, they are (in the humble opinion of both fandom and literary critics through the ages) some of the most witty, hilarious, and overwhelmingly wonderful things ever written. And, if that wasn't enough, in the early nineties Grenada filmed a TV series of four seasons of five or six episodes that are mostly squished-together versions of various Jeeves short stories and novels. As a result, J&W fandom tends to bleed over into Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry fandom (the actors who played Bertie and Jeeves respectively).

other overviews

sine_que_non767 is reccing J&W for crack_van May 2006! Here's her overview.


J&W is not well represented on LJ. By which I mean, the J&W specific community is indeedsir, which is not in fact a slash-specific community, although members can tend to forget that.

related communities

the sibling communities of hughlaurie and stephenfry are open to J&W related things
(and the *other* sibling communities bitsofhugh and bitsofstephen probably wouldn't mind either)

fryandorlaurie is for slash relating to either Hugh Laurie or Stephen Fry (including RPS, so beware), of which J&W definitely counts

vintagefic is for fic in all fandoms set before 1939 -- huzzah for period fandom!

off lj

Jeeves & Wooster is always one of those things it's worth looking for on Yuletide

The Hat Sharpening Shop has a list of all the books in chronological order, an episode guide to the show, and lots of the music used on the show for download (and this is the most indispensible guide to the various incarnations of stories)

Britslash has a bit of J&W floating around, as does The Historical Slash Archive

a note on tiny fandoms

It's sad how small the fandom is. Yes, I'm sad too. Thing is, people do love J&W and a little pimping could go a long way. It's never been recced on crack_van. No one's written character essays on idol_reflection or an essay for ship_manifesto. If you find you fall in love with the fandom through what little there is, do think about putting a little back in, and not just via fic and art (though we love that too). I highly recommend Elke Tanzer's Guide to Pimping Your Small Fandom. J&W is never going to be huge, but it could stand to grow a little. In the meantime -- enjoy. :)

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