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Fandom: Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers who weren't raised like the rest of us. When their mother, Mary, was killed in a supernatural fire, their father, John, becomes obsessed with finding her killer. As the boys grow up they get trained and join their father: "Saving people, hunting things. Family business." The series starts with Dean arriving on Sam's doorstep at college to tell him that their father has gone missing while hunting.

In the (US) Summer of 2005, Warner Brothers introduced us to Supernatural and the Winchester family and it has quickly become a thriving fandom. Starring two rather gorgeous young actors, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, it's a clever series that focuses on a monster-of-the-week while the brothers search for their father, and their mother's killer. The chemistry between the two boys, whether you want to read it sexually or not, is fantastic and the whole series is well scripted and just a little scary. Supernatural is currently showing on CW with the second season starting on 28 September.

For more details about the plot and characters crack_van's Supernatural overview can be found here.

The fandom has been growing in size and there are currently 342 communities relating to Supernatural. You can find them listed below. This guide gets updated monthly and can also be found at the Supernatural Wiki.
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About all that slash - aren't Dean and Sam brothers?
Well, yes. In fact in the Supernatural fandom a term has been developed for their particular relationship: Wincest. The other place for slash fic are the emerging crossovers with other fandoms, although a lot of these still fall back on to unrequited incest lust for one of the boys. Here you can find the Sam/Dean Ship Manifesto

Hmm, J2, J-squared - what's all that about, then?
The other big part of the slash side of the Supernatural fandom is real person slash (RPS). Jensen x Jared = J-squared or J2.

So sometimes I see SN and sometimes I see SPN...
Like most fandoms, we like a short abbreviation that's quick to say when talking to our friends. In Supernatural there are a few. SN and SPN are pretty interchangeable (and I've even seen SNL a couple of times). However, SN has also been used for the older Sports Night fandom and SNL is the official acronym for Saturday Night Live. Some Sports Night-ers like the use of SN in Supernatural fandom because it promotes cross-pollination; others dislike the possibility for confusion between fandoms.

General News, Discussion and Meetup Communities
News and Information (Return to Navigation)
spnnewsletter - A newsletter community providing links to news, fic, art, fanvids, episode related posts and meta
sn_newsletter - A newsletter providing links to news, fic, art, fanvids, episode related posts and meta (mostly inactive at the moment)
spn_info - A community for information and news about the fandom
supernatural_nb - Supernatural Noticeboard is an announce community for fic, recs and news
super_wiki - A community to support the Supernatural Wiki
wjag - Information about the Winchester Journal Archive and Gallery
sinful_updates - A community for updates to the Sinful Desire fic archive
samdean_archive - A community for the Sam/Dean slash archive (if you want your stories to be archived, you can post here and the mod will add them)
journalupdates - A community for notifications of updates to The Winchester Journals (Fanfic Archive and general fansite)
winchestercon - A community for the Winchester Con 2006
spndirectory - A guide to Supernatural on LJ
spn_meta - Once a week recap of meta from across LJ

Discussion (Return to Navigation)
supernatural_tv - A moderated community for general discussion and news about the show
snslashnotebook - A discussion community about slash themes in Supernatural
chickchesters - A community for canon and meta discussion
spn_heavymeta - A meta discussion community
sn_theories - A community for discussion of theories and speculation about Supernatural
spn_live - A community for episode discussion
superspoiler - A community to post spoilers and discuss them
spn_spoilers - A spoiler collective
sn_discussion - A discussion community
supernaturalcw - A community to discuss Supernatural
spn_essays - A community for essays, discussion and analysis
sexy_sn_freaks - A community for nearly-everything Supernatural
spn_rocksalt - A general supernatural community
spnroundtable - A weekly round topic with themed discussion

Regional (Return to Navigation)
spnmeet - A community to arrange meet ups to watch/talk about Supernatural
spnmeetup - A community to arrange meet ups to watch/talk about Supernatural
spn_downunder - An Australian and New Zealand Fan community
supernatural_au - A community for Australian fans
supernatural_uk - A UK based community for discussion of episodes
sn_uk - A community for UK fans to organise meet ups
winchestmidwest - A Supernatural Midwest Gathering
spn_german - A German based community for Supernatural, fic welcome
winchester_de - A German language community for discussion of Supernatural
supernaturalbr - A portugese community for Supernatural discussion and news
spn_it - A community for Italian fans
supernatural_sg - A community for fans from Singapore
spn_chicago - A community for Chicago fans
socalspn - A community for fans from Southern California
nocalspn - A community for fans from Northern California
spn_dc - A community for fans in the DC Metro Area
spn_bc - A community for fans in British Columbia
spn_fangather07 - Fall 2007 Vancouver, BC gathering
spn_nyc - A community for fans from NYC
spn_seattle - A community for fans from Seattle
spn_boston - A community for fans from Boston
spn_texas - A community for fans from Texas
spn_26up - For fans 26years and older
windycity_spn - Chicago Supernatural Convention
spn_sv_btvs_con - Supernatural, Smallville and Buffy/Angel Chicago Convention
spn_creationcon - Creation's Supernatural Convention in Chicago
spnapple - Supernatural Fans in the Greater NYC Area
spn_fr - A French Fan Community
asylum_spnfics - Asylum Convention SPN Ficathon
winchestmidwest - A Fangathering for the MidWest

General Supernatural (Return to Navigation)
wb_supernatural - A community for fans
sn_daily - A picture only community for Supernatural
sn_quotes - A community to share quotes from the series
samanddean - A community dedicated to Supernatural
sn_rating - A community where people get to decide which character you're most like
spn_census - A community to show whos in the fandom (read the rules)
spn_anonymous - A community for Supernatural Fans
super_summer - A community for fanworks during the summer hiatus (06)
wincest_free - A community for which is Wincest Free
not_wincest - A community for everything but the Wincest
spn_request - A spinoff community from supernatural_tv where you can request pictures, sounds, anything that takes your fancy
super_random - A community for random things that remind you of Supernatural
ontheroadzine - A community to support a Genfic zine publishing Mid-October 2006
adopt_a_wendigo - A community to adopt a wendigo
spn_anniversary - A community to celebrate the first anniversary of Supernatural on Sept 13 2006
spn_gleeweek - A community to celebrate the countdown to Season 2
spn_picspam - A community for picspam
win_non_con - A community for people who can't make it to the Winchester Con
spn_facts - A community for facts about Supernatural
spn_fridayfive - Five questions about Supernatural every Friday
spn_roadtrip - A community to watch a group of fans plan their roadtrip to Winchestercon 2007
dhq_online - A community for the Demon Hunters Quarterly
spn_trading - A community for trading the Inkworks cards
dudemeter - A community tallying the times things are said
spnreview - A community for reviews of fic announced on the spnnewsletter
hell_quarterly - Online quarterly downloadable zine
spn_plastic - Plastic!Winchester Theatre
sim_winchesters - A Day in the life of... Sim Style
puffchesters - Supernatural, Powerpuff style
spn_buttons - Fan produced merchandise of buttons with Supernatural quotes
spn_marathon - A community to tide you over during the 2006 Hiatus
caplocks_spn - A community to talk about Supernatural in Capslock
dreaming_spn - Dreams people have about Supernatural
preseries_zine - A pre-series gen zine
spn_articles - A community to support fan written articles
spn_sssexy - A general community for Supernatural
supernaturalfam - A general community for Supernatural
spn_dejavu - A community to post when you think you've seen it before - in a fic, rl or on tv
spnfencentral - A Spoiler Free Supernatural Community
paddycentral - A Community to support the Paddywhack-Central site for Jared fans
spn_origins - A Community for the Supernatural:Origins Comic
spn_emag - Nihil Obstat, an Unofficial Supernatural Fan E-Mag
winchestergigs - Gigs that the Winchesters Should Check Out
spn_bakeoff - A Supernatural Bake Off

Communities for Fanactivism and Promotion of Supernatural (Return to Navigation)
spn_goodwill - A community for connecting charity fanworks with sponsors
winchestertimes - A community for plans to promote Supernatural
promote_spn - A community for fanactivism promoting Supernatural
spn_postcards - A postcard fanactivism project
fandom_rocks - Supernatural Fandom Campaigns for Charity

General Communities with some Supernatural Material (Return to Navigation)
obsessions_r_us - A community for squeeing about obsessions with stars
cwboys - A community for the boys on any CW network show

Character Dedicated Communities
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) (Return to Navigation)
sam_dean - A community dedictated to Sam and Dean
spn_brotherlove - A community dedicated to the 'brother' relationship between Sam and Dean - no Sam/Dean slash (no Wincest)
wincest A community dedicated to the slash relationship between Sam and Dean (Wincest)
padacklesrps - A community dedicated to the Real Person Slash pairing of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
dean_sam - A community dedicated to Dean and Sam
moon_hunters - A community dedicated to the Winchester Brothers
j2_daily - A Jared/Jensen picspam community
evil_deanandsam - A community for when the boys go bad

Sam (Jared Padalecki) (Return to Navigation)
_jaredpadalecki - A community for fans of Jared Padalecki
jaredp_daily - A picture only community for Jared Padalecki
jared_p_still - An icon challenge community
jared_stillness - An icon challenge community
completelyjared - A community to discuss Jared Padalecki
entirelysammy - A community dedicated to Sam
samism_comm - A community for Sam lovers
hurt_sam - A community for hurt Sam stories and images
paddymelt - A community for any pairing with Jared in it
sammyed_away - A community for Sam fans
paddyhair_pwns - A community devoted to Sam's hair
birthdaywhack - A Jared's 25th Birthday Fest
sam_support - A Sam Fangirl Support Community
evilsam_spn - A Community for Evil!Sam
sam_a_palooza - A Sam Winchester Fan Community
kinkgasm - A Community to Slash Jared's character in the Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Light Films

Dean (Jensen Ackles) (Return to Navigation)
acklesaholics - A community for fans of Jensen Ackles
jensen_daily - A non-fic community for Jensen Ackles (pictures, icons, news welcome)
entirelyjensen - A community for fans of Jensen Ackles
jensenfic - A fic community dedicated to Jensen Ackles (rps or characters)
jensenstillness - An icon challenge community
totaldeangirl - A community dedicated to girls into Dean
dear_dean - A fan written advice column
jensenslash - A community for fanfiction about Jensen Ackles
team_dean - A community for daily pictures of Dean Winchester
totaldeangirl - A community for fans of Dean
dean_fic - A community for fic about Dean
darkdean - A fic community for dark fics and fics with dark Dean
bottom_dean - Dean Bottom's.
just_jensen - A Jensen Ackles Fan Community
one_good_man - A Community for Fans going to see Jensen in One Good Man

John (Jeffery Dean Morgan) (Return to Navigation)
jdmorgan - A community dedicated to the actor who plays John Winchester
papawinchester - A community dedicated to the character John Winchester
jdmcentral - A community dedicated to JD Morgan
jeffathon - A ficathon for Jeffery Dean Morgan or any of the character's he plays
jdm_rpf - Real Person Fiction for Jeffrey Dean Morgan
jdm_daily - A Daily Picspam Community for Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Metallicar, Hunters and other minor players (Return to Navigation)
67impala - A community dedicated to the Impala the boys drive
sn_minorplayers - A community for the other hunters in Supernatural
spn_roadhouse - a community for Harvelle's Roadhouse and it's regulars
spn_stoners - A community for Ash (Chad Lindberg) and Andy (Gabriel Tigerman)
mamawinchester - A community for Mary Winchester
singer_salvage - Fans of Bobby Singer
rocksalt_rogues - A Dean/Jo/Sam Community
spn_psykids - A Community for the Psychic Kids

Fanfic, Art and Sound Communities
Fanfiction (Return to Navigation)
sn_crossovers - A fic community for crossovers
sn_fic - A fic community for fic of any type (slash, gen, het, etc)
sn_slash - A fic community for slash fic
spn_gen - A fic community for gen fic
spn_het - A fic community for het fic
supernaturalfic - A fic and fan art community
sn_request - A community to request fic and fan art
hurt_dean - A community for art, fanfic, etc where Dean is hurt or tortured.
sn_flashback - A fic community for stories pre-series
super_real - A Supernatural RPS community
ficscripts - A community for writing fan scripts (SPN focussed)
cw_moresomes - A Community for fic with multiple pairings from CW Network shows
sn_genswap_fem - A community for genderswap fic and female characters
spn_smut - A community for all your smutty supernatural fics, het or slash
spn_notkansas - A community for Gen, episodic style fic
boyhoodmoments - A community for snapshot fic
sncleanfic - A gen fic community
chickficmoments - A community for fic dealing with those moments Dean wants to avoid
rph_fic - A community for real person het fic
spnserial - A round robin community
mpregwinchester - A community for male pregnancy fic
unsung_hunters - A community for hunters that don't turn up in canon
spn_shorts - A weekly Drabble/Ficlet Challenge community
spn_christmas - Christmas fic community
weechesterfic - Fic about the Winchesters as children
padackles_1001 - 1001 places Jensen and Jared have had sex fic challenge comm
daddycest - A community for fic with John in the incest pairing
spn_dark_vault - A community for dark fic
spn_oblivious - A fic community
omgspn - A roleplay community for Out-Of-Character (OOC) characters
winsisterfic - A het/femmeslash community for the boys and/or a sister
spnfanfic_au - An AU fanfic community
j2prepschool - Jared's a student, Jensen's the teacher - Highschool AU Verse
100_ghosts - A Supernatural 100 word drabble community
snmissingscenes - A community for missing scenes, codas and episode tags.
spnflashfic - A Flashfic community
spn_foodporn - A Food!porn Community
spn_kink - A Supernatural Kink Fic Community
spn_haiku - A Supernatural Hiaku Writing Community
spn_harlequin - A Community for Harlequin-style fic for RPS or SPN
spn_longfic - A Long Fic Community
found_fic_spn - A Fic Community inspired by Found Magazine
spnx - A Community for X-Rated Stories
j2_notes - A J2 Real Person Slash Fiction Community
bitch_jerkoff - A Community for Fic and Fanart that Hits Peoples Hot Button Kinks
spn_secretfic - A Fic community using prompts from spn_secretpost
spn_scifi - A Community for Fic set in Space

Fanfiction - Pairings (Return to Navigation)
buffyxdean - A crossover community for Buffy/Dean
winchullivan - A crossover community for Winchester/Chloe Sullivan fans
faith_dean - A community for Faith (from Buffy/Angel) and Dean
paddymelt - A community for all pairings (RPF or fanfic) with Jared Padalecki or his characters
dean_alex - A community for Dean Winchester/Alex Krycek (SPN x X-Files)
samjess - A community for Sam and Jess
jo_sam - A community for the Sam/Jo pairing
dean_jo - A community for the Dean/Jo pairing
deanjo_fanfic - A community for the Dean/Jo pairing
ava_sam - A community for Ava/Sam
sn_auguries - A community for Ava/Sam shippers
sam_ellen - A community for Sam/Ellen shippers
thebeckles - A community for Veronica Mars/Dean & Jensen Ackles/Kristen Bell
peter_and_sam - A community for Peter Petrelli (Heroes) and Sam
dean_carmen - A Dean/Carmen (from the Wish!Verse) Community

Fanfiction - Crossovers (Return to Navigation)
winchesterwarts - A community for Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossovers
spn_xm - A Supernatural/x-Men Crossover Community
spn_smallville - A Supernatural/Smallville Crossover Community
spn_darkangel - A Supernatural/Dark Angel Crossover Community
spn_charmed - A Supernatural/Charmed Crossover Community
spn_hp - A Supernatural/Harry Potter Crossover Community
spn_vm - A Supernatural/Veronica Mars Crossover Community
spn_heroes - A Supernatural/Heroes Crossover Community
chosen_hunters - A Community For All Things Relating to Buffy and Supernatural
spn_btvs - A Supernatural/Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossover Community
fnlspnsnapshots - A Supernatural/Friday Night Lights Crossover Community
spn_random - A Random Crossover Table Challenge
rps_spn_fic - A Supernatural/RPS Crossover Community
spn_gaiman - A Supernatural/Gaiman Ficathon

Fanfiction - Resources (Return to Navigation)
spnstoryfinders - A fic search community
spn_recs - a community for fic recs
spn_themes - A community for themed fic recs
spn_betas - a community for fic writers to find betas and betas to volunteer
spn_reference - A resource guide with episode transcripts, guides, bios and helpful links
spn_research - A community for researching for Supernatural fanfic
spn_bunnies - A community for bunnies of all kinds: plot, vids, art etc
spn_possession - A community for resources for fic writers
spn_transcripts - A community for transcripts of each episode
crack_impala - A fic rec community
spn_connect - A fic writers' community
rpsspnbyrequest - A Request community for CW RPS and SPN Fic
consandcritters - A Community for Constructive Criticism of Fanfic
spn_warnings - A Community to help provide warnings for stories

Fanart (including Icons and Vids) (Return to Navigation)
supernatu_icons - A community for showing off Supernatural icons
super_awards - An open nomination icon awards community
winchestercases - An icon community
good_snicons - An elite icon making community (posting access is restricted)
supernaturalvid - A community for fan vids
supernaturalart - A community for fan art
super_graphics - A community for fan art - must join to see entries
sn_honors - A community for honoring art in the Supernatural fandom
the_dean_show - A community for urd_sama's chibis
spn_dolls - A community for Supernatural Dolls
supericon100 - A community for making 100 themed icons
impala_chorus - A community for icons based on songs from the show
spn_color - A coloring in book community for lineart
spn_caps - A community for screencaps from Supernatural
j2_icons - A community for Jared/Jensen Icons
deanandsamlims - A Last Icon Maker Standing Community
sardean_sammich - A Sam/Dean fancomic
spncaptions - A community for caption challenges
houseofcrack - A Crack Fanart Community
spn_macros - A Community for Supernatural Macros
spnicon100 - A 100 Icon Community
spnvidrecs - A Community for Recommending Community Fanvids
spn_caps - A Community for Screen Caps of Supernatural Episodes
spn_secretpost - A Supernatural Secret Postcard Community

Fansounds (Return to Navigation)
driving_music - A community for fanmixes
spn_soundtrack - A community to make a soundtrack
super_radio - A community for downloading music played in Supernatural
sn_eighttrack - A community for downloading music from Supernatural (mostly inactive)
spnfic_podcast - A community for a spn fanfic podcast
spn_audio_novel - A podcast for Supernatural Novels
spn_multimedia - A community for all forms of mulitmedia fanworks
spn_mixtape - A Community to make a Mix Tape over the Hiatus
spn_fanmix - A Supernatural Fanmix Community
spooky_tunes - A Community for the Music from Supernatural

Ficathons and Challenges (Return to Navigation)
spn_flashfic - A bi-weekly fic challenge community
spn500 - A challenge community for fic under 500 words
supernatural100 - A drabble challenge community
spn_100 - A fanfic 100 community
spn_challenges - A community with regular fanfic challenges
spncross - A crossover challenge community
spn_prompts - A fic challenge community
spn_mmom - A fic challenge community for Masturbation month
kaz2y5 - A multimedia challenge community
super_stillness - An icon challenge community
super_icontest - An icon challenge community
spn_lims - An icon challenge community: Last iconmaker standing
spn_50states - A fic and fanart challenge community
spn_north - A fic and fanart challenge community
rocksaltwhores - A Supernatural challenge community
spn_handbasket - A community for Wincest Challenges
spnlims - A Last Icon Maker Standing community
paranormal25 - A multifandom 25 story challenge
spn_holidays - A secret santa community
spn_halloween - A Halloween Ficathon
spn_fluffathon - A ficathon for fluff
sam_slut_a_thon - A challenge writing community for slutty Sam fic
dr_badass_is_in - Ash-centric cliche!fic challenge
spn_hols - A challenge-a-day com for December 06
spn_vday - A Valentines day fic-a-thon
spn_rimmathon - A 'not quite buttsex ficathon'
jsquared_xxxmas - A 12 days of Christmas ficathon
spn_black_dogs - A frottage ficathon
j2_otpathon - A J-squared(Jared/Jensen) OTP ficathon
spn_wank_off - A masturbation ficathon
spn_secrets - An anonymous fic challenge community with prizes for guessing the authors
spn_j2_bigbang - A 20,000 word and fanvid challenge
spn_outsidepov - A ficathon to write about the Winchesters from an outside point of view
spn_iconathon - An icon challenge community
spn_heraea - A Schmoop vs Angst Olympics
spn_appreciate - A challenge to share the appreciation of fandom participation
batoutofkansas - A Meatloaf Supernatural prompt challenge
spn_25 - A 25 prompt fic challenge community
family_secret - A fic challenge community - everybody's got a secret
spnschoomptasia - A Disney Supernatural Fic Challenge
spn_xx - The Women of Supernatural Fanfic Challenge
reel_spn - A Movie Crossover Fanfiction Challenge
salt_burn_porn - A Random Porn Challenge Community
j2_diaries - A J2 RPS Challenge Community
spn_summer_het - A Summer-Themed Het Challenge Community
spnbreaksthelaw - A Challenge to Break The Silly Laws
spn_fivesenses - Supernatural Five Senses Fic Challenge
super_stitions - A Superstition Fic Challenge
spn_13 - A 13 Fic Challenge Community
spn_heraea - A Fluff vs Angst Team Fic Challenge Community
poorboyshuffle - A John Winchester/Johnny Cash/Creedence Clearwater Revival Fic Challenge Community
spn_standstill - A Drabble Challenge for the last several minutes of All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 1
spn_summerlove - Supernatural Summer Het Fic Exchange
spn_lyrically - A Supernatural Lyric Challenge Community
spn_het_love - A Supernatural Het Fic Challenge Community
spn_dailylife - An Every Day Life Fic Challenge Community
spnhugathon - A Hug-A-Thon Ficathon

Selected External Links
General (Return to Navigation)
The WB's Supernatural Page
Supernatural Fans
Supernatural Show
Supernatural Fanlisting
Jensen Ackles Fanlisting
Jared Padalecki Fanlisting
The Lawrence Awards - A Fandom wide awards
Supernatural Summer School Fansite
Aussie Supernatural Forum
Anything But Ordinary - A Supernatural Forum
Jensen Ross Ackles Unlimited - A Jensen Ackles Fansite - A Jeffery Dean Morgan Fan Site
Super-Wiki - A Supernatural Wiki
Supernatural Recaps at FandomTalk
the Family Business - an Ellen and Jo site
Supernatural Podcast - Episode Review Podcast

Art Resources (Return to Navigation)
Highway to Hell - a Sam/Dean Fanart Archive
Supernatural Screen Caps
Screen Caps at Craftymonkie
Supernatural in the memories of cap_it
Screencap Paradise - A screencap resource which has Supernatural caps

Fanfic Archives (Return to Navigation)
Ghost Stories - A general archive which accepts everything
Sam/Dean - An archive which focusses on Sam/Dean and is Wincest friendly
Winchester Journals Archive - A general archive and it's companion site Winchester Journals Net
Urban Legends - A fanfic archive
Ghost Hunters - An auto-fanfic archive
Sinful Desire - A Wincest and Jared/Jensen RPS site
Winchester Journal - A fic archive and gallery
Nuns With Pens - a Jensen Ackles Fan Fiction Message Board
Supernaturally Twisted - A Supernatural Crossover Fanfic Archive

If you find any communities not listed or have any questions or suggestions you'd like to make about this entry, please comment!

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Updated 24 July 2007
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  • Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

    Hawaii Five-0 (2010) The crack_van's overview of the new Hawaii Five-0 can be found here. Glossary: Canon: Anything…

  • Fandom: Moonlight

    Moonlight is the story of Mick St. John, an 85-year-old vampire, trying his hardest to not be too much of a vampire. He has his boundaries,…

  • Fandom: Community

    Fandom: Community Community is a ensemble cast sitcom that premiered in 2009 on NBC, created by Dan Harmon. It is currently in its second…