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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS)

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (BtVS), a US based television series, ran for seven seasons, beginning in January 1997 and concluding in May 2003. The fandom started soon after the show's inception. In May 1997 the first fan forum, began, followed later that year by, a fan fiction group. Various subgroups and other newsgroups for fans in different countries emerged, along with numerous posting boards and websites, many of which are still active.

The first 5 seasons of BtVS aired on the WB network, the final two on UPN. The show began running in syndication in 2001 on the cable network FX, which is owned by the show’s production studio, Fox. In 1999 the show’s spinoff, “Angel” (AtS) began airing on the WB and ended in a controversial cancellation in spring 2004 after 5 seasons. The program has aired widely in Europe, as well as South America, Australia and parts of Asia and has an active multinational fandom. Although there are people who are fans of one show but not the other, in practice fan production and discussion crosses over frequently, due in no small part to the many characters who appeared on both shows and the occasional crossover storylines. Although this guide will focus on BtVS, there will be many resources and sites listed here that are useful for both fandoms (called the Buffyverse or Slayerverse).

(1) For general news it’s hard to beat Whedonesque. A community blog that is the best one-stop shop I know of to find the latest articles, news, and discussion on all things related to BtVS and AtS creator Joss Whedon (which includes his show “Firefly” and its later film version, "Serenity"). Not the best resource if you’re only interested in a single character or actor, but it has pretty wide breadth of information and is updated daily. You can browse headlines, or click on the discussion, which will often wander away from the original topic. Interactions are pretty closely moderated for tone of discussion and community rules. Posting access is opened up at different intervals through the year to avoid large waves of new users, but readership is open to all. You can get it through RSS on LJ. And, oh yeah, BtVS creator Joss Whedon sometimes posts there (as do various other production-related individuals) and apparently lurks often.

(2) For LJ News su_herald - This fandom newsletter is one of the best ways to keep up on the stuff that is being produced every day in the Buffyverse corner of LJ. Keep in mind though that it is representative, not comprehensive. You can always suggest links to your own work to the compilers although it may not always be included. The newsletter includes links to discussions going on across fandoms as well.

petzipellepingo started a daily recs list in 2007 that also includes announcements and outside links. This is a read-only project.

whedonverse_nb however is open to contributions of news, announcements, and all sorts of creative material, and includes an update community that provides a digest of all the material being posted.

(3) For photos Slayerverse is useful in filling in the gaps for Whedonesque. Instead of accessing it for the commentary, or the news stories (which are often the same), it’s handy for magazine scans and other visual content, as well as posting fannish material like graphics and vids. As a result it’s also got a great archive of photos.

On LJ various actor or character specific communities do something similar such as brendon_daily, marsters_daily, smg_daily, watching_daily, amber_daily, eliza_daily, david_b_daily, seth_daily, ash_daily, and alyson_daily.

obsessed_much accepts postings on anything from the Buffyverse.
buffy_banners is a banner posting communities that picks a "banner of the month" from submissions.
manipology is a multifandom community for photo manips.

These LJ communities are a good place to post artwork such as banners, icons, wallpapers and so on, although you will want to check their user info pages for restrictions on content. For more adult oriented pictures many locked communities exist such as darker_spike (check for others at the_darker_ring) but these are restricted to those 18 or older and require membership to be approved.

(4) For icons, specifically, there are communities such as buffy_icons, buffy_graphics or bicon challenge, and for LJ users looking for icons new posts are announced daily at the su_herald and can also be browsed for here or requested at btvs_requests. awmpdotnet is one site for icon tutorials utilizing BtVS examples.

Specific communities exist for other graphics work such as btvsats_layouts or screencap requests at btvs_screencaps.

(5) For writers Buffyverse Dialogue Database has to be one of the most useful sites ever, whether for fic or meta writing. Its search function could be a bit better but it is an incredibly handy resource for finding dialogue for all episodes of Buffy or Angel. You may also find the Buffy Encyclopedia or the shooting scripts handy. On LJ writersresource and riters_r_us were created for Buffyverse writers.
A general listing site for Buffyverse writers can be found at btvs_authorlink

(6) For vidders Buffyverse Music Video Database provides a one-stop shop. If you love vids, it’s a wonderful pointer to them and has great searchability by creator, musical act, song name, characters, etc. The links are sometimes dead but folks do move around a lot on the net. On LJ check out communities such as jossversecinema

(7) For analysis, the Slayage Archive - is an easy way to see what’s been published in terms of academic articles about the Buffyverse. You can also get meta links through the su_herald or at metafandom or mutant_allies

For various types of talk
buffyphilosophyfor more general discussions and questions
buffyquotes where posters can share and discuss favorite quotes.
angel_fans, btvsfans, buffyaddicts, buffyfan for discussion on the various Whedon series.
newly_legion was set up for discussion of the BtVS S8 comics series.

(8)Specific Ships and Characters

For particular characters or character pairings, some of the active communities include:

Xander or Xander/Spike the_real_xander,
xander_slash, bloodclaim, sxandviolence
Buffy ships bashippers, buffyfaith, spuffy_fics, 3_of_hearts, buffy_love
Giles or Wes twoenglishmen, willow_giles, gilesanya_fic, giles_watchers, wesfic, watcherlove
Spike or Angel spike_fics, spangel_, loving_angel_69
Willow ships willandtaralove, kinda_gay, nha_fic, willow_tara_fic, willowkennedy
Miscellaneous characters/challenge fic insertdawnhere, rewriting earlier episodes with Dawn's character present, rarebtvs, 12monthsofbtvs, good__evil, moviequoteminis

Seasonal communities are also popular, some of the best known being
seasonal_spuffy for Spike/Buffy,
spring_spangel for Spike/Angel
fall_for_sx for Spike/Xander
noel_of_spike for holiday themed creations featuring Spike

Another place to find fic is through award sites. These come and go often, so one way to keep track of them is at btvs_award_info. Along with listing award sites they also provide updates on nominations. The ficathon_codex is also a masterlist of the various fic writing projects that pop up throughout the year and focus on various characters or types of fiction, and baficathon is an announcements blog for these writing projects.

(9)For Types of Fic
buffy_fanfic, btvsinspiration, and all_fics_btvs for BtVS fic of all types.
gen storyteller and the sister site for challenges general buffy have been set up for gen fic.
open_on_Sunday and btvsats_love are drabble communities (100 word fiction) with weekly challenges.
hello_fic_now for upcoming fic writing challenges
btvs_slash for all slash pairings.
maleslashminis for m/m slash and femslash_minis for f/f pairings.
mmm_smut - for NC-17 fic
btvs_rps - for real people slash (aka actorfic)
rpg_herald - for role playing games.
Twisting the Hellmouth is one of the best sites for crossover fic which specifically includes BtVS and AtS. On LJ Buffy and Angel crossover fic can be found at crossoverfic.

(10) For Recommendations

A seasonal community for "Best of the Year" and Classic Recs is buffyversetop5, which lists all types of fan created works as well as recs for archives and communities.

There are a variety of personal rec journals that one or more individuals keep solely for recs. One community open to anyone for year-round recs is the_magic_box. One multi-fandom recs community which includes BtVS is crack_van. A community where you can search for fics is btvs_inquiry.

For various types of announcements, try all_things_btvs and for community announcements try all_whedonverse

(11)For offline get-togethers

writer_con met for several years in different cities around the U.S. but has since been discontinued. For fans in Europe writerconuk and MidiMeet2007 have been established and met as recently as 2011.
Vividcon for video makers and viewers.
There are also announcements and con reports at buffyconvrep and con_dom_wank.

If anyone would like to suggest additional communities or areas of coverage, feel free to comment. And anyone reading, check those out for other links!
(Last updated 8/2011.)
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