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Fandom: Merlin
by Hey, you! (shopfront)
at February 17th, 2009 (01:00 pm)

Fandom Guide to Merlin on Livejournal.

Merlin is a British television show produced for the BBC in 2008. It draws inspiration on Arthurian legends, with a number of quirks and differences - such as Merlin and Arthur being the same age, and Arthur being raised as a Prince of Camelot. Other fan favourites such as Smallville and Doctor Who have been referenced as inspiration for the style of the show, and ultimately Merlin is fresh, fun, highly enjoyable, and slightly silly.

The fandom is still small and young, although it already has quite an enthusiastic fandom following and we hope it will continue to grow with the second series, which begins filming during 2009. Currently, Merlin/Arthur is a highly popular and arguably the dominant pairing in livejournal fandom (and greatly helped along by the presence in canon of the Great Dragon with all it's slash friendly dialogue, and is fondly referred to as the Slash Dragon by fen), and a wide variety of excellent AU stories are becoming one of the hallmarks of the beginning of this fandom.

Starting Points
bbc_merlin_news - Merlin fandom newsletter.
merlin_bulletin - For announcing fanworks, communities, news, or websites.
merlin_finders - A community for finding particular Merlin posts, such as a fic, vid, or fanart post.
merlin_ljguide - A community that serves a similar purpose to this newbieguide for Merlin fandom, but is more immediately up to date on new communities and is easier to subscribe to.

The Show
General Discussion
merlin_tv and merlinbbc - General communities for the show.
attheroundtable - For fannish and fic centric discussion.
merlin_meta - For in depth discussion and meta around any aspect of the canon show.

Country/Language-specific communities
merlin_us and merlinfanz_usa - American general communities.
merlinaustralia - Australian general community.
merlin_de - German general community.
merlin_italia - Italian general community.
merlinarthur_it - Italian slash-focused community.
lamarcadenimueh - Spanish general community.

face_of_bradley - Bradley James/Arthur
colinmorganfans, colin_morgan and holy_colin - Colin Morgan/Merlin
katie_mcgrath and katiem_fans - Katie McGrath/Morgana
santiago_fans - Santiago Cabrera/Lancelot

thefuturequeen - Gwen.
morganafay - Morgana.
lady_nimueh - Nimueh.

General Communities
merlinfic - General community open to any combination of gen, het, and slash fanfiction.
camelot_haven - Het only community (Warning: has been reported to be a very stringent, anti-slash community, with wank potential.)
merlinslash - Slash focused community.
camelot_tree - A rare pairing community.
merlin_drabbles - For drabbles and ficlets up to 400 words.
merlinthreesome - Multi-OT3 threesome community.

Recommendations and Resources
camelot_recs - General Merlin recommendations.
merlinrecs_au - Merlin AU recommendations.
merlin_thematic - Merlin Thematic is a community to rec and locate creative works (fic, arts, vids, and fanmixes) by theme.
merlin_betas and scrying_bowl - Merlin betas and other resources.
merlin_bunnies - Find and give away Merlin fic ideas.
merlin_finders - Merlin search community.

camelot_love and arthurxgwen - Arthur/Gwen.
merlinxarthur - Merlin/Arthur.
herchampion - Arthur/Morgana.
utherxgaius - Uther/Gaius.
merlingwen - Gwen/Merlin.
gwenmorganabbc - Gwen/Morgana.
infide_manentia - Merlin/Morgana.
merlin_nimueh - Merlin/Nimueh.
kingandward - Morgana/Uther.
utherxtheboys - Uther/Arthur and Uther/Merlin.
merlin_ot4 - Arthur/Gwen/Morgana/Merlin

Adult Communities
camelot_kink - A general Merlin adult/kink community.
arthur_submits - A bottom!Arthur community.
arthurs_chamber - An adult Arthur-centric fic community.
kinkme_merlin - Anonymous Merlin kink meme.

Prompts, Challenges, Exchanges and Ficathons
boxofmagic - A Merlin Big Bang challenge.
harlequinmerlin - Harlequin challenge community.
reel_merlin - Film-based challenge community.
merlinadvent, merlin_santa, and merlin_the_elf - Christmas/Holiday focused exchanges and challenges.
merlin_las - Merlin last author standing fic challenge.
merlinarthurfqf - A Merlin/Arthur fest.
thefuturefest - A Merlin fest focused on post-season one fanworks.
summerpornathon - Team-based ten week challenge.
merlinkisses - Multi-media fanwork challenge aiming for a collectively made 1000 works featuring kisses between Merlin characters, with fortnightly prompts.

Short(er) Prompts, Challenges, Exchanges and Ficathons
roundmerlin - A collaboratively written fic challenge.
merlinfest - Weekly comment-fic fest challenges.
merlin_flashfic - Flashfiction community with fortnightly prompts.
merlin100 - Drabble community with weekly prompts.
merlin_tweetfic - Flashfiction community for stories in 140 characters.

merlinrpf - General Merlin cast RPF community.
bradleysangel - Bradley James/Angel Coulby ship community.
bradleycolin - Bradley James/Colin Morgan ship community.

Graphics and Multimedia
merlin_icons and merlinicons - General icon communities.
merlin_stills - Weekly icon challenges
merlinlims and camelotlims - Last icon maker standing challenges.
merlin_awards - Awards for icon makers.
merlinelite and good_merlin - Elite/invitation only icon communities.
bradleyicons and bradleystills - Bradley icon communities.
colin_stills - Colin Morgan icontest community.
katiem_stills - Katie McGrath icontest community.
marthur_stills - Merlin/Arthur icontest community.

Other Misc.
drawmelot - Merlin drawings, allows all mediums as long as drawing is involved.
merlin_vids - Merlin fanvideo community.
merlin_fanmix - Merlin fanmix community.
craftalot - Merlin craft community, including knitting, cooking, costuming, etc.
merlinpodfic - For recording and downloading audio recordings of Merlin fic.

Merlin AU starting points
If you're looking for good Merlin AUs, here are a few particularly excellent Merlin/Arthur fics to give you a taste of the quality and variety of AU stories Merlin fandom currently has to offer:

MERLIN and A Random Collection of Firsts by moonythestrals make up what is fondly referred to as the fratboy!Arthur AU.
Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock is a modern AU, where Arthur is the Prince of Wales instead of the Prince of Camelot, and Merlin is a warlock in medical training rather than a warlock manservant.
A Step To The Left by trelkez is a genderbending AU, where Merlin is and has always been a girl. Warning: this is still a WIP, with one chapter left to go.
Camelot's Sweethearts by definewisdom is a modern AU where Merlin is movie-star!Arthur's long suffering personal assistant.

merlinmeet - Organise meetups with other Merlin fen.
merlin_london and merlin_north_uk - Merlin UK meetups for particular areas.
merlinnyc - Merlin meetups in New York City.
azkamerlin - Merlin fans meeting up at the Azkatraz 2009 con.

inner_merlin - A Merlin rating/stamp community.
merlin_anon - An anonymous Merlin meme community.
ihasawarlock - Merlin macro community.
capslock_merlin - Capslock Merlin community.
merlin_secrets - The Merlin version of fandom secrets.


Outside of Merlin fandom and/or livejournal
BBC's Merlin website.
King Arthur/Arthurian Legends newbieguide.
Merlin Fanfiction Archive off livejournal.

Updated: Posted on 16/June/09


Posted by: popkin16 (popkin16)
Posted at: February 21st, 2009 06:09 am (UTC)
Coat Hanger

Very useful, thank you! I watched Merlin a while back, and though I was interested in getting into the fandom, I didn't quite know where to begin. XD

Posted by: Hey, you! (shopfront)
Posted at: March 6th, 2009 08:31 am (UTC)
M - [M/A] Arthur has a hat fetish!

It's grown amazingly quickly, so I'm not surprised you weren't sure where to start. I'm glad you found the guide useful for that! :D

Posted by: popkin16 (popkin16)
Posted at: March 6th, 2009 08:37 am (UTC)

It was great! I know which communities to visit depending on what mood I'm in XD

Posted by: shaky sun to the leaky moon (chymist)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)

Very cool and organized. Should armer_gayms be here?

Thanks for you hard work. :]

Posted by: shaky sun to the leaky moon (chymist)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2009 09:00 pm (UTC)

Er. Well. I was very bored and didn't want to clean my car. I don't know if you've already looked at these and ruled them out...

merlin_bigbang This might be abandoned.
And I'm not sure if this counts-

Posted by: mystizan (mystizan)
Posted at: February 3rd, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
Merlin smile

ty so much! I shall check these out!

Posted by: M (ella_rose88)
Posted at: February 4th, 2011 05:46 am (UTC)
A/G 1x10

This is great, although there is another graphic for A/G called ag_stills

Also I run the Arthur/Gwen Fanfiction community called ag_fics which you might like to add as well.

You could also add the third Arthur/Gwen community which is called onceandfutures

Edited at 2011-02-04 05:48 am (UTC)

Posted by: ravelqueen (ravelqueen)
Posted at: November 28th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)

wow I did not know this community existed, but this is awesomecakes!

Sooo very helpful, I wish I had found it sooner for other fandoms I had to search ardorous hours for this information, thanks so much!

Posted by: xiahaddict (xiah_addict)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)

This is a really helpful post, thank you!

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